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Throughout the summer we encourage you to stay healthy and active outdoors. To inspire you we've got a wide selection of the best and most popular “Fun in the Sun” products to choose from. To keep yourself safe from the damaging rays of the sun, a wide brimmed hat or pair of sunglasses from Physician Endorsed Beach Apparel are both functional and fashionable as are dresses from Jonano, sarongs by Wrap Up Lounge Wear.  Healthy supplements to your tan and skin with South Seas Skin Care. Avoiding unprotected sun exposure is easy with SPF factor products by Hampton Sun Tanning and Tara Spa Therapy. Enjoy today and all days knowing you are taking care of yourself!

Sun Care Products

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South Seas Tahitian Tan Mist


Price : $28.00

Create an instant beautiful tan in seconds with this revolutionary mist. Unlike other aerosol bronzers, this goes on with the perfect mahogany color without streaking. 7 oz

South Seas Tahitian Tan Extender


Price : $22.00

Extend your South Seas tan for up to two weeks with this wonderful Mango Lotion. This amazing product dries quickly and leaves your skin silky smooth. 8 oz

Farmaesthetics Lip Softener- 2 pack

CODE: C4171-2 pack

Price : $29.00

Our luscious lip treatment is 100% effective and 100% natural. Finally, a lip product that tastes good, looks good, feels good, is good…all without any artificial ingredients. 0.5 oz ea.

Relax and Wax Get The Bump Outta Here- BO Feb. 2019


Price : $21.00

Get the Bump Outta Here is a treatment for ingrown hairs, and it helps with the bumps as well. Formulated for sensitive skin, it is highly effective, yet gentle on the skin. 4 oz

The Madison Collection Beach Towel


Price : $60.00

Finally, a cotton towel that is ideal for the beach. The Madison Collection's Beach Towel is long and thick to better suit sandy conditions. Available in several bright colors, which look delicious on the beach.

Wrap Up Pearl Maximum Pink Robe


Old price: $208.00

Discounted price: $197.60

You save: $10.40

Pink Pearl Maximum Robe, a beautiful Jewel. This is a very Delicate, Soft and Romantic print. Luxurious bathrobes made in the USA with the highest quality of microfiber, by Wrap Up by VP.

South Seas Island Glow Body Bronzer


Price : $29.00

This weightless formula is designed to give your body a flawless, even toned glow. The exotic bronzer dries immediately without streaking or rubbing off. Whether on the beach or in the spotlight, Island Glow is essential for those seeking perfection. As seen on the cast of Dancing With The Stars.

Relax and Wax No Scream Cream


Price : $21.00

NO-SCREAM Cream eases the discomfort of waxing between 50-90%. NO-SCREAM Cream is applied by the client 30-45 minutes prior to waxing. It temporarily prevents and relieves pain. 1 oz

B. Kamins Lip Balm SPF 20- 2pk

CODE: BK11425-2pk

Price : $44.00

This soothing lip balm helps to moisturize and protect lips from sun, wind and extreme temperatures. It helps to repair chapped, sore lips with maple and softening essential oils, and helps prevent the breakout of lip sores with UVA/UVB sunscreening agents. This treatment creates a smoother palette for lipstick application by diminishing the appearance of fine lines and reducing the feathering of lip color. Use anytime for softer, more luscious lips. 0.5 oz

La Bella Donna Vision of Mineral Lights

CODE: LBDMineralLights

Price : $45.00

Quads of compressed mineral bronzing colours to give your skin an après sun-kissed glow. Naturale-created for those with a more fair complexion and may also be used as eyeshadows. Bronze- utilizes both the skin’s naturally occurring tanning undertones of gold and red. Both colours options are a beaute makeup kit must-have.

What's New

South Seas Shade® SPF 30 Sport Lotion 6oz
South Seas Shade® SPF 30 Sport Lotion 6oz.

Price: $22.00


South Seas Tahitian Glow Self Tanner
South Seas Tahitian Glow Self Tanner-NEW

Price: $24.00

Peta Jane Duo by South Seas Skin Care, Dry Bronzing Oil & Tanning Mist
Peta Jane Duo by South Seas Skin Care, Dry Bronzing Oil & Tanning Mist

Price: $54.00


BloqUV 24/7 Women's Top

Price: $64.00

BloqUV mens top
BloqUV Long Sleeve Mock Zip Men's Top

Price: $88.00


June Jacobs Protective Moisturizer SPF 30
June Jacobs Protective Moisturizer SPF 30

Price: $55.00

June Jacobs After Sun Hydrator
June Jacobs After Sun Hydrator

Price: $36.00


BloqUV Cover Up
BloqUV Cover Up

Price: $104.00

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