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Being successful at fitness and exercise can mean a lot of things. For some people, it’s all about the type of exercise and the right products. You are the only person who can decide what it is. mySpaShop can help make some of those choices a bit easier with our selection of fine home fitness products from Power Systems, Jade Yoga, Advantage Fitness Products and FiitterFirst. If you are recovering from a hard work out select from our Sports Rubs and Balms to assist in bouncing back. Add hiking to your fitness with Balance Walking Poles, try it together with your partner.

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Best Sellers Category

Power Systems Premium Versa Tube

CODE: PS84001

Price : $10.95

Premium Versa-Tube, resistance tubing is one of the most affordable training tools available and effectively provides both upper and lower body workouts for just about anyone.


CODE: YogaToes

Price : $39.95

YogaToes® revolutionize the way you care for your feet. To stay strong and avoid injury, feet need regular exercise. YogaToes® Help Improve & Prevent Common Foot Problems: Hammertoes, Bunions, Plantar Fasciitis, Crossed Toes, & Poor Circulation can all be improved or prevented with YogaToes®. YogaToes® do all the work while you unwind. Muscles are relaxed, circulation is increased. Walk away feeling like you just had a foot massage. Your feet will thank you!!

Power Systems Pilates Bar

CODE: PS84591

Price : $51.95

This portable Pilates studio lets you perform Reformer-style movements without heavy equipment. Use the Reform Bar for personal training, group exercise or at home.

Power Systems Water Dumbbells

CODE: PS86551

Price : $32.95

Designed like traditional dumbbells, our aquatic version has 1, 2, or 3 round floats on each end, depending on resistance level. Handgrips are cushioned for comfort.

Power Systems kor Kettle ball

CODE: PS50176

Price : $59.95

Like a traditional kettle bell, the kor kettle ball is an excellent tool for strengthening the core. Constructed of pliable materials, the kor kettle ball is an attractive, user friendly alternative to cast iron kettle bells in group exercise classes and personal training sessions.

Power Systems Pilates Ring

CODE: PS83924

Price : $23.95

Enhance your Pilates workout. These flexible rings with a soft foam cover and handles offer different levels of resistance for isometric exercises that will firm the muscles of the upper arms and inner thighs.

Escali Scale Health Monitor Bathroom Scale


List price: $89.95

Our price : $49.95

You save: $40.00 (44%)

This sleek black bathroom scale with blue back light and stainless steel display will have an understated presence in your bathroom; this ultra slim design is equipped with an instant weighing mode feature providing instant weighing data to the user; scale turns on automatically when user steps on the scale. The large display and 10 seconds hold feature will give the user easy access to body weight info.

Farmaesthetics Deep Lavender Rub

CODE: C4173

Price : $25.00

Voted "Favorite Product" by Spa Magazine beauty editors & "Best in New England" by Yankee Magazine, this herbal ode to Vicks® Vapo Rub® is a deep comfort rub that utilizes the heat-producing essential oils of ginger, rosemary, and eucalyptus to relax and release upper respiratory tightness due to colds, allergies, stress, or asthma. 1.5 oz

Power Systems Premium Eva Roller

CODE: PS80261

Price : $20.95

Resilient, nonporous! Top-of-the-line foam rollers made of heat-sealed EVA foam to maintain shape and resist moisture/bacteria.

Power Systems Elite Power Medicine Ball

CODE: PS25200

Price : $33.95

Perfectly balanced and durably constructed, our Elite Power Med-Balls are guaranteed to maintain their shape.

What's New

Chattra Fuchsia Suzani Zafu Meditation Cushion
Chattra Fuchsia Suzani Zafu Meditation Cushion

Price: $74.00


Chattra Charcoal Darpan Zafu Meditation Cushion
Chattra Charcoal Darpan Zafu Meditation Cushion

Price: $74.00

Chattra Sky Feather Zafu Meditation Cushion
Chattra Sky Feather Zafu Meditation Cushion

Price: $74.00


Chattra Plum Bagh Zafu Meditation Cushion
Chattra Plum Bagh Zafu Meditation Cushion

Price: $74.00

Chattra Kiwi Ikat Kiwi Ikat Neck Cushion
Chattra Kiwi Ikat Kiwi Ikat Neck Cushion

Price: $32.00


Chattra Kiwi Ikat Zafu Meditation Cushion
Chattra Kiwi Ikat Zafu Meditation Cushion

Price: $74.00

Fitterfirst Wobble Board Kit
Fitterfirst Balance Board Kit with Stand

Price: $349.95


Fitterfirst Balance Board
Fitterfirst Balance Boards - 2 size options

Price: $89.95

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