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Nourish your skin with the most luxurious lotions, bath salts, body polishes and more. We offer diverse choices from around the world, such as Bali-inspired JAMU, while the rituals of India can be found in Ayurvedic TARA products. Aromatherapy from Essence of Vali, Lotus Wei, ESS and Naturopatch will promote relaxation or stimulate and help with focus. If you are seeking natural products, try FarmaesthicsSpa Technologies. Whatever your Body & Bath regimen calls for, you are sure to find it here!

Bath and Body Lotion

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Essence of Vali Botanical Mist

CODE: EV800-809

Price : $8.50

Botanical mists are synergies of plant essences blended into a base of distilled water in 2 oz spray bottles.

SolReya Spa Head Wrap Full Coverage Hair Towel

CODE: 851385003410

Price : $25.00

SolReya Spa Wraps are a luxury full coverage hair towel used after showering or applying makeup replacing the bulky and heavy towel. SolReya Spa Wraps are made with 100% richly soft textured light weight cotton that stays perfectly in place. Uniquely designed, SolReya Spa Wraps fully cover most long hair and headsizes.

Essence of Vali Oil Roller Bottles

CODE: EVRoller

Price : $12.00

Essence of Vali products are 100% natural, containing plant essences and various delivery systems, organic spa products, sleep aids. Try the new Oil Roller Bottles in 4 classic blends - available in a convenient roller bottle for easily transportable aromatherapy. It can also be used as a a natural perfume.

Divi International ANESI® Aminofirm


Price : $51.90

A multiphase, reaffirming cream designed to strengthen existing fibers within the skin and tissues for a firmer, smoother, more resilient appearance. 7 oz

California Fragrance Co. Stress Less® Bubble Bath

CODE: C4105

Price : $13.50

Relax your body and mind by pampering yourself in a soothing, warm bath. Tense muscles from a hard day's work soften as you close your eyes, lean back, and concentrate on the relaxing herbal scent of this bubble bath. Paraben Free. Amide Free. SLES & SLS Free. 9 oz

Spa Technologies- Hydrating Laminaria Oil

CODE: SPR6150200

Price : $35.00

Soothe and treat the skin with 100% pure Seaweed Oil to gently restore skin tone and vitality. Recommended for after-sun exposure, and for dry skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Scented with the Essential Oils of Ylang Ylang and Bitter Orange. The result is glowing, healthier skin. Size:6 fl oz/200 ml

ESS® Relaxation Oil Blend


Price : $15.50

100% pure, this ESS Relaxation Essential Oil is a unique and exceptional blend designed specifically for diffusion, massage, or bath. Includes essential oils of tangerine, eucalyptus globulus, lavender, patchouli, sandalwood, petitgrain, litsea cubeba, and marjoram. 0.33 oz

Spa Technologies- Sea Cal Bath

CODE: SPR6220500

Price : $45.00

One of our favorites, this mineral-rich milky bath powder is formulated with Calcium, Magnesium and Spirulina for deep hydration and a proprietary Aromatherapy Complex that eliminates water retention. Use in conjunction with a detox or slimming program. Size:16 oz

Essence of Vali Sleep Bedtime Balm


Price : $9.00

Essence of Vali Sleep Bedtime Balm - Sleep Bedtime Balm is used to help ease you into a peaceful sleep and comfort you during times of stress. Some people report that it helps unclog their sinuses. Dab the balm above the upper lip and on pulse points. Some people like to use it as a lip balm. It is wonderful to use during the day when you are feeling anxious or stressed out.

Body Buddy Applicator

CODE: C5916T-C5918T

Price : $25.00

The Body Buddy is a non-porous, non-absorbent lotion applicator. It provides the extra reach you need to easily apply lotion, sunscreen, and sunless tanner to their own back. Made of soft vinyl, it folds neatly to travel to the beach, gym, or pool. 4” wide by 30”...[more]

What's New

ESS Oil Blend Happy Spa-liday

Price: $15.00


zents bath salts
Zents Bath Truffles - 3 pack

Our price: $16.25

Kerstin Florian Lavender Dreams Experience gift set
Kerstin Florian Lavender Dreams Experience

Price: $90.00


Kerstin Florian Lavender Body Spray
Kerstin Florian Lavender Body Spray

Price: $40.00

Bellabaci Skin Get a Life Kit
Bellabaci "Skin Get a Life" Gift Combo Set

Our price: $75.00


Zents Attar Roll On Oil Concentrate
Zents Attar Roll On Oil Concentrate

Price: $46.00

Essence of Vali Oil Roller Bottles
Essence of Vali Oil Roller Bottles

Price: $12.00


Essence of Vali Sleep Bedtime Balm
Essence of Vali Sleep Bedtime Balm

Price: $9.00

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