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The Brands of mySpaShop products share their pervasive Home Spa Treatments to improve your lifestyle and well being. We have assembled distinctive global Brands in Wellness Solutions to share with you their knowledge and experiences in producing enabling Home Spa Products. It's our way of enriching your life with these coaches! Shop our online Spa Products Catalog

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Skin 2 Skin, Ken Simpson, Founder, CEO & President

Ken Simpson, Skin 2 Skin

Ken Simpson is excited about Skin 2 Skin Care; his life’s work developing an extensive skin care line loaded with the highest anti-aging components known to cosmetic science, certified organic botanicals and natural ingredients that allow you to turn back the clock with your appearance.  It’s so good Ken Simpson is even willing to put his own signature on the label.

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SolReya, Spa Wrap Towel, Hair Care

SolReya, Spa Wrap Towel

Our full coverage Spa Wrap eliminates “spa hair” creating a luxurious way to save the hair from greasy oils, lotions and tangles often a result of a relaxing massage, facial or other spa and skin treatments. So from there, we crafted a hygienic, lightweight high-end Spa Wrap to be used by the finest spas in the world yet provide everyday indulgence whenever needed. Place it next to your towel. Ideal for use when out of the shower, applying makeup or simply keeping the hair back. It easily replaces heavy and awkward towels and will stay perfectly in place. Order

SolReya, Spa Wrap Towel, Hair Care

Somme Institute Skin Care, Simon Eranii

Simon Erani is the Founder and CEO of Somme Institute.  In this role, Mr. Erani is charged with overseeing the vision and direction of the company.  Under his leadership, Somme Institute was founded in 1996 as a research company dedicated to understanding the science of skin care.

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Soundings of the Planet, Dean Evenson

Dean Evenson is one of the true visionaries of the Ambient/New Age musical genre--a prolific musician and composer, an entrepreneur, media pioneer and the co-founder of Billboard-charting independent music label, Soundings of the Planet.

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Soundings of the Planet, Dudley Evenson

Dudley Evenson co-founded Soundings of the Planet in 1979 with her husband Dean. Together, they have produced over 35 albums and she has been the art director and copy writer for all of the Soundings releases.

Sounds True Spa Music, Tami Simon

tami simon

Tami Simon is founder of Sounds True, a Colorado-based multimedia publishing company dedicated to inspiring, supporting, and serving continuous spiritual awakening and its expression in the world.

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South Seas Skin Care, Spray Tanning, Julie Nostrand

Julie Nostrand, Founder and Managing Member of South Seas Skin Care, LLC, graduated from Colorado State University in 1994. She was successful as a marketing manager for an International firm for eight (8) years. In 1997, she was diagnosed with skin cancer. After successful treatment, she embarked on a venture that would change her life dramatically.

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Spa Technologies Natural Skin Care, Dan Fryda,

Dan Fryda, President of Spa Technologies International, has been a leader in the skincare industry for 25 years. His strong academic background in thalassotherapy, hydrotherapy and Chinese healing arts has led Dan to pioneer advanced treatments and products that are comprised of a bio-complex of ocean nutrients.

Spa Technologies Natural Skin Care Products


SpaRitual Vegan Skin Care, Shel Pink

Shel, who grew up in a household where eco-consciousness was a way of life also studied art, fashion and photography and dreamed of a way to marry the elements of art and environmental awareness together.

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Sprayology, Ellie Whalen

Ellie Whalen believed that at the core, she was healthy, but she was taking multiple conventional medicines daily to deal with asthma, allergies, fatigue and stress. She realized that she was still not experiencing the health she was seeking. Ellie chose homeopathy as her daily option to become healthier because it is effective, safe, has no side effects and can be taken with other medicines. Sprayology Natural Oral Spray Mists Products


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