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The Brands of mySpaShop products share their pervasive Home Spa Treatments to improve your lifestyle and well being. We have assembled distinctive global Brands in Wellness Solutions to share with you their knowledge and experiences in producing enabling Home Spa Products. It's our way of enriching your life with these coaches! Shop our online Spa Products Catalog

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Brave Soldier Athletic Skin Care, Dr. Ezra Kest,

Brave Soldier Skin Care

Brave Soldier began with a simple idea: The need for a product that would speed the healing and jagged scarring of road rash. Road rash. It's as ugly as it sounds. Joined by his mountain-biking buddy Jeffrey Neal, Dr. Ezra Kest, an avid adventure-athlete when he's not running his successful Southern California dermatology clinic, embarked on this mission: To utilize his knowledge of how our skin heals itself to create a unique formula to help heal wounds faster, with less pain, and reduced keloid scarring. Brave Soldier Skin Care Products


Chocolates, Healthy Dark Chocolates, Lisa Reinhardt of Wei

Lisa Reinhardt, wei of chocolate

Savor the space between two thoughts. That's the underlying intent behind Wei of Chocolate. CEO & chocolatier Lisa Reinhardt came to chocolate via a roundabout route that took her from small-town American roots to Paris to remote areas of Asia.

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"When I'm running low, I hop on a plane or into a car and change environments. It's all about being open and emptying your mind's back door to leave room for new thoughts to come in the front." ~ Clodagh

View Clodagh's Collection


Cord Coen, Zents

Cord Coen believes that scent should be more than just pretty perfume – that it can and should affect one on a deeper level.  For him, the true art of perfumery lies in the combination of healing aromatherapy with intricate, pure scents of sophisticated European design.

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Cris Notti, Cris Notti Company

Cris Notti Sleep Masks

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Cris Notti has been designing since childhood.  With a degree from Otis Art Institute and Parson School of Design she launched her fashion business with a retail store in Beverly Hills and a national wholesale business.  She retired from fashion in the early 1990’s.

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Danforth Pewter - Fred and Judi Danforth,

Danforth Pewter Gifts

Fred Danforth was aware that his ancestors were famous pewterers, but he was planning on becoming a woodworker until he met Judi. Judi fell in love with pewter when she was studying art, and her enthusiasm was contagious. They founded Danforth Pewter in 1975 in an old barn in Woodstock, Vermont.

Danforth Pewter Gifts


Draper Therapies, Kristin Draper, Kat Wojtylak

With a keen knowledge of fabrics, Kristin Draper, understands what it means to keep looking toward the future, as her role of President of the Draper Knitting Company presides over a 150+ year old family owned and operated company. Back in 2003, Kristin discovered the wonders of Celliant™/Holofiber®, a specially formulated fiber that is now put into the Draper Body Therapy™ products to help with muscle recovery and relief from soreness and stiffness.

Draper Therapies Body Therapy Products


Escali Digital Scales, Health Monitoring for Kitchen, Fitness and Nutrition

Escali Digital Scales, Health Monitoring, Nutrition, Kitchen

Escali Scales are known for their tremendous value, user-friendly designs, and precision accuracy. Escali Scales are used for Nutrition, Wellness, Kitchen Measurements and Home Fitness Weight Loss. Track your progress today, reach your goals tomorrow!   

Escali Digital Scales, Health Monitoring, Nutrition, Kitchen


Essence of Vali Aromatherapy, Valerie Bennis

The Essence of Vali line grew out of my private consultations with individual clients. We use no synthetics or preservatives in our formulas. Every ingredient comes from a plant!  We are known for creating products that really work, smell great and appeal to men and women of all ages.

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Farmaesthetics, Brenda Brock

Brenda Brock, Farmaesthetics’ Founder, Formulator and CEO is the daughter of a 7th generation farming family from Texas, with roots steeped in herbal traditions.

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