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Bali South East Asia Guided by Kim Collier

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Embrace and celebrate South East Asia with it’s natural beauty steeped in ancient rituals.  Sea and mountains meet where royalty once ruled over these historic cultures.

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Bali Asian Spa Rituals

In celebration of the launch of MySpaShop, December 2008, Kim Collier, Founder of JAMU Asian Spa Rituals and Massage Therapist, Esthetician & Holistic Health Practitioner (completed 2010) presented the first of six spa traditions related to ‘jamu’ the ancient Indonesian art of herbal healing, a royal ritual of The Javanese Lular. We are now please to present the second of six spa traditions.

Our journey begins on the Indonesian island of Bali, home to over 3 million residents, and one of over 17,000 (6,000 inhabited) Indonesia’s islands. Bali, located south of Thailand and north of Australia, is a volcanic island with Mount Agung, the highest peak, at over 10,000 feet.

We invite you to experience Bali thru the exotic ingredients and home spa experiences from JAMU, with your guide and advisor, Kim Collier.

Balinese women are renowned for their beauty and although their exquisite looks have more to do with their genetic inheritance than lotions and potions, they believe in maintenance, regularly indulging in a variety of traditional beauty rituals that have been passed down from mother to daughter over centuries.

Bali Flowers, with ylang-ylang as the key essential oil, creates a calming and uplifting effect. The "sandat blossom," which is related to ylang-ylang, is traditionally used in Balinese offerings, as well as used to perfume the hair and clothing. The flower is sweetly aromatic, and believed to have spiritual qualities.

Traditionally the waters from the mystical sea are believed by many to have the power to both purify and sanctify. According to Balinese lore, water represents a mystical elixir of life. During Balinese religious ceremonies ylang ylang flowers symbolizing acceptance and the sweetness of life are offered during religious ceremonies and processions.

To The Baliense "the more beautiful and fragrant an offering, the higher a prayer carries to its intention".

This Bali Flowers Ritual is simple, and beautiful, and brings the peace and calm of Bali to your home...

Calm and soothe your mind and soul with organic botanicals and healing ingredients.

View JAMU Asian Spa Rituals' selection of organic bath and body care featuring the Bali Flowers Scent Tradition.

Please plan to re-visit this section, as every few months, another spa journey will be ready for you…

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JAMU Spa To Go, gift set
JAMU Spa To Go Gift Set

CODE: JAM200-101-107

Price: $20.00


JAMU Blessings Bath
JAMU Blessings Bath

CODE: JAM311-101-107

Price: $25.00


JAMU Organic Massage Oil
JAMU Organic Massage Oil

CODE: JAM450-101-107

Price: $29.00

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