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Winter Skin Care Tips by South Seas

winter skin care tipsWith winter, brings dry skin, especially to the hands, face, and feet. Home and office heating systems, along with cozy fires can make the dryness worse. To get through the winter and into spring with your skin hydrated and looking great, follow these important tips:

1. Analyze! Go to an esthetician or dermatologist that will give you good sound advice and analyze your skin type, troubleshoot your current skin care regimen, and give you advice on additional products that you can use to combat winter-time dryness.

2. Protect! Sunscreen is not just for the summertime. Winter sun when combined with snow glare can still damage your skin. Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen to your hands and face about 30 minutes before you go outside.

3. Hands! The skin on your hands is one of the most thinner than the rest of your body and has fewer oil glands…which means it is harder to keep your hands moist. Use an exfoliant for the hands and a proper hand moisturizer daily to keep your hands looking great. Wear gloves or mittens when you go out in the cold.

4. Moisturize! As weather conditions change you need to find an oil-based moisturizer, rather than water-based, as oil will create a protective layer on the skin that will retain more moisture. Choose your oils with care because not all oils are appropriate for the face. Look for oils that are non-clogging, i.e. avocado, mineral, primrose, or almond oil. You can also look for body lotions that contain “humectants”.

5. Feet! The fun foot products that you use in the spring and summer won’t do the job you need for the winter. Look for heavy, hydrating foot products for winter and don’t forget to exfoliate the entire foot often.

6. Peels! If your face is uncomfortably dry, avoid using harsh peels, masks, and alcohol-based toners and astringents. These will all strip vital oil from your skin. Instead find a cleansing milk, foaming cleanser, alcohol-free toner, and masks that are deeply-hydrating, rather than clay-based, which tends to draw moisture out of the face. Use them less often.

7. Baths! Soaking your body in a burning-hot bath or hot tub feels great after being out in the winter elements. But the intense heat of hot water actually breaks down the lipid barriers in the skin, which can lead to a loss of moisture.

8. Celebrate! Get in the season. Choose bodycare products that incorporate winter time smells such as cedar, vanilla, coffee, chocolate, and pumpkin to awaken your senses and celebrate the times!

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