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Tara Donna Grodjesk, president and owner of Tara Spa Therapy, Inc., has devoted her 27 years of experience in wellness to refining bodywork techniques, creating innovative body treatments and offering a careful selection of high quality natural products for health and the spa market today. Since 1989, Tara has been designing programs for world-class hotels, resorts and day spas as well as providing high-quality, detailed training for their therapists.
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TARA Vibrant Nature Eye Pillow, Tara Spa Therapy
TARA Vibrant Nature Eye Pillow


Price: $18.50


TARA  Elegant Silk Eye Pillow, Tara Spa Therapy
TARA Elegant Silk Eye Pillow

CODE: TARA2672-2674

Price: $18.50


tara neck pillow
TARA Herbal Ease Neck Pillow

CODE: TARA5120-5130

Price: $43.00


Tara Herbal Ease Gift Set
TARA Herbal Ease Neck and Eye Pillow Gift Set

CODE: TARA3790-3794

Price: $56.00


Tara Herbal Ease Uni-Pack
TARA Herbal Ease Uni-Pack

CODE: TARA5320-5330

Price: $48.00


Tara Spa, Herbal Ease
TARA Herbal Ease Hand Mitts- Chai


Price: $72.00


Tara Spa, Herbal Ease
TARA Herbal Ease Booties - Chai


Price: $96.00


Tara Spa Therapy
TARA Destination Rejuvenation Sets


Price: $28.00


TARA Aromatherapy Roll On Lotions

CODE: TARA2192-R1-2197-R1

Price: $19.00


TARA Blending Bar Lotion


Price: $24.00


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