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Kashwere Luxury Robes, Spa Apparel
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Kashwere robes were featured as one of Oprah's Favorite Things. The moment you slip into a Kashwere robe you will feel the unforgettable warmth and softness that has so many Kashwere clients smiling. The Kashwere robe is luxuriously soft with the feel of a fluffy cloud. The Julep Childrens and Pet Lines are just as comforting. shop the complete collection Kashwere Robes, Lifestyle Apparel


Kashwere, robe, lightweight
Kashwére Seasonless Unisex Lightweight Robe


Price: $145.00


Kashwere Toddler Zip Jacket
Kashwére Toddler Striped Hooded Zip Jacket Caribbean Blue and Aloe

CODE: KW49621

Price: $60.00


Kashwere Damask Baby Blanket
Kashwére Baby Blanket Damask

CODE: KWBabyDamask

Price: $92.00


kashwere wrap, spa wrap
Kashwére Spa Wrap


Price: $72.00


kashwere jacket
Kashwere Hooded Jacket

CODE: KWHoodedJacket

Price: $102.00


kashwere robe, spa robe
Kashwére Chenilla Robe

CODE: KWRobeChenilla

Price: $155.00


kashwere baby blanket
Kashwére Kreatures

CODE: KWKreature

Price: $38.00

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