Word of mouth – Pout, plump, line or shine? So many choices when it comes to lips. Ask any woman and they’ll tell you the one piece of makeup they can’t do without is lipstick (and mascara of course)! Matte, shiny, red or nude, it all depends on our mood. What’s yours?

Lips Makeup
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lip sheer, mineral make up, la bella donna, la bella donna baci baci
La Bella Donna Baci Baci Moisturizing Lip Sheer


Price: $26.50


mineral lip pencil
La Bella Donna Lip Pencil

CODE: LBDLipPencil

Price: $22.00


La Bella Donna Mineral Lip Sheer, Mineral Lip Gloss
La Bella Donna Mineral Lip Sheer


Price: $24.00


La Bella Donna Mineral Light Lip Colour

CODE: LBDMineralLipColour

Price: $24.50

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