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Using a professional brush to apply your makeup will make a big difference in how you look, and how long your product lasts (you use less with a brush). mSS gives you choices when it comes to what type and style of brush to use - sable, squirrel, synthetic; round, angled, flat. La Bella Donna, suki color and ISS Bamboo Brush Kit all have beautiful brushes for proper use with their makeup.  Don't forget your Stephanie Johnson cosmetic bag to hold your brushes!

Makeup Brush

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SolReya Spa Head Wrap
SolReya Spa Head Wrap Full Coverage Hair Towel

CODE: S851385003410

Price: $25.00


La Bella Donna Concealer Brush

CODE: LBD116-01

Price: $24.00


La Bella Donna Eye Shadow Brush

CODE: LBD118-01

Price: $22.00


La Bella Donna Eyeliner Brush

CODE: LBD117-01

Price: $16.00


La Bella Donna Mineral Makeup Brush

CODE: LBD120-01

Price: $45.00


La Bella Donna Oval Fluff Brush

CODE: LBD121-01

Price: $22.00


La Bella Donna Powder Brush

CODE: LBD122-01

Price: $47.00


La Bella Donna Lip Brush

CODE: LBD119-01

Price: $22.00


La Bella Donna Blending Brush

CODE: LBD113-01

Price: $24.00


La Bella Donna Angle Brow Brush

CODE: LBD111-01

Price: $16.00


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