Enhance your natural beauty with some of the finest makeup available. Whether it is a natural lip balm or a seductive eye shadow, mSS will assist you in finding that “can’t live without” product. Our featured makeup line is La Bella Donna. Whatever your makeup requirements, you are sure to find it here!


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La Bella Donna Mineral Light Lip Colour

CODE: LBDMineralLipColour

Price : $24.50

Rich, creamy with a satiny texture and lush shine describes this La Bella Donna makeup artist’s favorite. Ceramide 2 nourishes and conditions the lips providing the perfect protection for lips long after the appearance of colour disappears. La Bella Donna’s mineral pigments are long-lasting and create lips that are very luminous when viewed from different angles of light.

La Bella Donna Mineral Mascara

CODE: LBDMascara

Price : $22.50

Eyelashes the perfect accessory! The new technology has all the fringe benefits for the silkiest-sexiest long lashes. Mineral Mascara contains the highest grade of mineral pigments providing true colour that lasts; tubular polymers extend the volume and lift the lash as it lengthens; plus these wonderful tiny fibers enhance the curl. Ceramide 2 conditions the lashes long after the mascara has been properly removed.

RapidLash Eyelash and Eyebrow Enhancing Serum

CODE: RapidLash 3 ml

Price : $49.95

RapidLash is an innovative serum formulated with an exclusive Hexatein™ 1 Complex, that helps improve the appearance of eyelashes and brows with a simple once a day application.

SolReya Spa Head Wrap Full Coverage Hair Towel

CODE: S851385003410

Price : $25.00

SolReya Spa Wraps are a luxury full coverage hair towel used after showering or applying makeup replacing the bulky and heavy towel. SolReya Spa Wraps are made with 100% richly soft textured light weight cotton that stays perfectly in place. Uniquely designed, SolReya Spa Wraps fully cover most long hair and headsizes.

La Bella Donna Loose Minerals Foundation

CODE: LBDLooseMinerals

Price : $58.00

Loose Mineral Foundation is completely inorganic and cannot conduct bacteria. Dermatologists and plastic surgeons have recognized Loose Mineral Foundation as a calming, healing must-have for post-op. The naturale sun protection SPF 20 gives you all day confidence protection. Perfect for acne-prone teenage skin. Ideal for all skin types.

La Bella Donna Mineral Lip Sheer


Price : $24.00

Designed as a treatment product with colour, this high-gloss Mineral Lip Sheer may be worn alone or to enhance Mineral Light Lip Colours. The light-weight, non-sticky formula provides a sexy, extremely shiny finish and is perfect for a quick colour touch-up.

La Bella Donna Compressed Mineral Blush

CODE: LBDCompBlush

Price : $27.00

You will have no problem "getting cheeky" with La Bella Donna’s plethora of colours. The blush is light weight mineral based and provides cheeks with an all-natural glow from with-in appearance. And do not hesitate to invest in a wonderful Blush Brush and is a wise long-term investment. Blush is a key product and can bring life to your face.

La Bella Donna Compressed Eye Shadow

CODE: LBDCompEyeShadow

Price : $20.00

The sheer, delicate mineral eyeshadow containing no FD&C dyes, talc, oil or alcohol, and will not irritate your eyelids. Deposit of colour is long-lasting and interchangeable as eyeliner.

La Bella Donna Eye Shadow Compact

CODE: LBDEyeShadowCompact

Price : $55.00

The Blackberry Collection provides richness and drama that only minerals can bring to life. Ripe, rich, and irresistible, this convenient Four-Ever Quad Compact of opulent monochromes. Divine rose, opalescent lilac and glittered burgundy light-up your countenance with the...[more]

La Bella Donna Eye Pencil - BO

CODE: LBDEyePencil

Price : $22.00

Formulated with naturally-derived mineral based pigments these kohl eye pencils are soft and blend easily. If you haven’t use an Eye Pencil, now's the time to try one.

What's New

La Bella Donna LUMINÈRE for Cheeks
La Bella Donna LUMINÈRE Mineral Highlighter

Price: $30.00


Vlash Heated Eyelash Curler
VLash Heated Eyelash Curler

Price: $29.00

La Bella Donna Concealer Brush

Price: $24.00


La Bella Donna Eye Shadow Brush

Price: $22.00

La Bella Donna Eyeliner Brush

Price: $16.00


La Bella Donna Mineral Makeup Brush

Price: $45.00

La Bella Donna Oval Fluff Brush

Price: $22.00


La Bella Donna Powder Brush

Price: $47.00

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