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Looking outside, watching the shadows lengthen, I am filled with the excitement of Fall. The incredible foliage, cooler temperatures, unpredictable weather - all magical. What's more, Fall inspires me to rediscover the quiet magic that exists in myself and my own journey...before the joyful chaos of the holidays kicks in. My inner renaissance is helped along by tools that help bring focus and clarity, lovely products that reflect the richness and beauty of autumn, and comfort objects that envelop me in quiet warmth. find distinctive gifts for the Home Decor, and Earn Triple Rewards on all orders

Fall Spa Gifts

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Kashwére Throw Mini Cable Heathered
Kashwére Throw Mini Cable Heathered

CODE: KWMinicableHthr

Price: $175.00


Kashwere Houndstooth Throw
Kashwére Throw Houndstooth

CODE: KWHoundstooth

Price: $165.00


Natural Salt Lamp
Himalayan Natural Salt Lamp

CODE: C3515

Price: $60.00


Himalayan Salt Inhaler
Himalayan Salt Inhaler

CODE: C3609-C3610

Price: $39.00


Spa Technologies, marine based skincare
Spa Technologies- Marine Repair Cream

CODE: SPP5060060

Price: $96.00


Essence of Vali, eau de perfum
Essence of Vali EOV Eau de Parfum


Price: $60.00


Beauty Foods Nightly Beauty Drink, sleep enhancer
Beauty Foods Nightly Beauty Drink

CODE: BFNightlyBeauty

Price: $49.99


Luxury Therapeutics Granada Carbon Collection, heat therapy, cold pack
Luxury Therapeutics Granada Carbon Collection


Price: $85.50


Danforth Pewter Scallion Oil Lamp
Danforth Scallion Oil Lamp

CODE: DP40-029-0494

Price: $105.00


Woodstock Chimes Awakening Bell for Sound Healing and Relaxation


Price: $109.95


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