Fitness is a gift appreciated year round.  A work out routine at home is great and Advantage Fitness Products makes it easy!  Want something a bit different?  Try Sounds True Healthy Brain Kit for those who would enjoy “exercising” their brain. To carry all your fitness & yoga gear put it in a stylish Plank Tote. Shop our complete collection of home fitness accessories!

Fitness Gifts
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Balance Walking Adjustable Poles
Balance Walking Adjustable Poles (Pair) - Susan G Komen - Light Pink in bag

CODE: BW50312

Price: $55.95


Jade Yoga, Fusion Mat
Jade Yoga Fusion


Price: $144.95


Power Systems Total Body Tubing Video and Kit

CODE: PS93152

Price: $60.95


Power Systems Body Fat Analyzer

CODE: PS85360

Price: $93.95


Sounds True Healthy Brain Kit,  Dr. Gary Small, boost memory, increase memory, sharpen concentration, healthy brain
Sounds True Healthy Brain Kit


Price: $26.95


Sounds True Chirunning, chirunning, ultra marathoner, Danny Dreyer, T’ai Chi and running, improve running, enjoy running
Sounds True Chirunning


Price: $24.95


Sounds True Yoga Shakti, yoga music, yoga shakti, Shiva Rea
Sounds True Yoga Shakti


Price: $29.95


Advantage Fitness Products, balance ball
Advantage Fitness Products - BOSU Balance Trainer

CODE: BBS72-10850-P

Price: $171.00


Sprayology Bone Builder
Sprayology BoneBuilder

CODE: S30814

Price: $30.00

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