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There is growing evidence that suggests that happiness is a powerful predictor of future health outcomes. Research also suggests that there is a possible link between happiness and long life. Did you know that almost half of our happiness might be within our control? By devoting less than 10 minutes a day to “reflection”, we can make ourselves happier! Find out more at our Spirit Found passions.

Self Discovery

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Sprayology, Party Girl Must Haves Trio
Sprayology Party Girl Must Haves Trio

CODE: S-PartyGirlMustHaves

Price: $70.00


Sounds True Morning and Evening Qi Gong, qi gong
Sounds True Morning and Evening Qi Gong


Price: $19.95


Lotus Wei Inner Peace Flower Elixir, flower essences, organic elixir
Lotus Wei Inner Peace Flower Elixir


Price: $35.00


Feng Shui Consultation, Spa at Home, Judith Wendell
Feng Shui Consultation, Spa at Home, by Judith Wendell

CODE: feng shui consulting

Price: $180.00


Sounds True Light, sound of light, Alex Theory, meditation music, Full Spectrum Sound
Sounds True Light


Price: $17.98


Sounds True Water, Full Spectrum Sound, Alex Theory, meditation music, water music, sounds of water, sounds of water CD, relaxing music
Sounds True Water


Price: $17.98


Sounds True Mindfulness for Beginners, mindfulness meditation, beginners meditation, meditation tools, breathing exercises
Sounds True Mindfulness for Beginners


Price: $19.95


Sounds True Cancer as a Turning Point,  inspirational gifts for cancer, Deena Metzger, healing music, inspirational music
Sounds True Cancer as a Turning Point


Price: $69.95


Nayer Kazemi Water Art Nature Bowl


Price: $258.00


Danforth Pocket Stones - Set of Three

CODE: DP09-029-1616-1933

Price: $18.25


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