The top coat is a protective coat that extends the life of your manicure or pedicure by helping to prevent chipping & peeling and it will give your nails an added extra shine that looks more professional. We recommend applying a top coat every few days for extra protection and shine. mySpaShop offers the best in nail top coat products from SpaRitual to essie and Dr.’s Remedy.

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Dr's Remedy Two in One
Dr.'s Remedy TOTAL Two-In-One

CODE: DRTotal2in1

Price: $18.00


SpaRitual Truebond Strong Hold Basecoat
SpaRitual Truebond Strong HoldŽ Basecoat

CODE: SR82175

Price: $17.00


SpaRitual Topcoat
SpaRitual Topcoat Nail Lacquer

CODE: SR80473

Price: $12.00


SpaRitual Multi-TaskerŽ Topcoat

CODE: SR82110

Price: $17.00


SpaRitual Tout de SuiteŽ Topcoat

CODE: SR82125

Price: $17.00

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