What women doesn’t love the look of a fashionable necklace to complete her look? Choose from elegant to casual, funky to fabulous. Make it all about you while you create your look from our distinctive artists.

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Danforth Flow Necklace, Danforth Pewter
Danforth Flow Necklace

CODE: DP66-029-2803-16

Price: $43.50


Danforth Lindy / Sedona Studio Line Necklace

CODE: DP66-029-2641-99

Price: $52.00


Danforth Enhance Spring Snake Chain necklace
Danforth Enhance Spring Snake Chain necklace

CODE: DP66-029-1667

Price: $35.50


Danforth Harmony Spring Blue Necklace
Danforth Harmony / Spring Blue Necklace

CODE: DP66-029-2351

Price: $35.50


Danforth Pewter Stability Teal Necklace
Danforth Stability / Teal Snake Chain necklace

CODE: DP66-029-1736

Price: $35.50


Danforth Pewter Lindy Sky Necklace
Danforth Lindy / Sky Studio Line necklace

CODE: DP66-029-2110-99

Price: $52.00


Danforth Samba Terra Necklace

CODE: DP66-029-2070-99

Price: $52.00


Danforth Sari / blue sky Snake Chain necklace

CODE: DP66-029-2063

Price: $35.50


Danforth Stability / jet Snake Chain necklace

CODE: DP66-029-2288

Price: $35.50


Danforth Stability / frost Snake Chain necklace

CODE: DP66-029-1947

Price: $35.50


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