Self discovery is an art. Like any other art it requires practice, patience, and knowledge. We offer fascinating and practical books to help you discover the secret of love, happiness, and a healthier Way of Life. Choose selections from Sounds True, B.Kamins or Judith Jackson. You may also enjoy art and design for your table top by Architectural Designer and Artist, Clodagh.

self discovery books
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Rick Weber, Pink Lips and Fingertips
Pink Lips and Fingertips Book

CODE: pinklips-book

Price: $19.95


Clodagh Your Home Your Sanctuary
Clodagh Your Home Your Sanctuary

CODE: CC Book-RH01

Price: $50.00


Sounds True The Subtle Body, increase health, tools to increase health, healthy lifestyle tools
Sounds True The Subtle Body


Price: $34.95


Sounds True Chirunning, chirunning, ultra marathoner, Danny Dreyer, T’ai Chi and running, improve running, enjoy running
Sounds True Chirunning


Price: $24.95


Sounds True Kundalini Rising, kundalini energy, spiritual discovery
Sounds True Kundalini Rising


Price: $19.95


B. Kamins Beyond Botox, Best Skin Care Products
B. Kamins Beyond Botox, Anti-Aging Skin Care Without Surgery

CODE: 780821280027

Price: $24.99


Spa Princess Cookbook

CODE: spaprincess

Price: $14.99


Danforth Pewter, Pewter Bookmark
Danforth Bookmark

CODE: DPbookmark

Price: $18.95


Judith Jackson Magic of Well Being

CODE: JJ3002

Price: $21.00


Judith Jackson Scentual Touch

CODE: JJ3001

Price: $23.00

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