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Aqua aerobics and aquatic therapy is a great way to exercise and get in shape without harming your joints or bones. We carry POWER SYSTEMS water dumb bells, belts, floats and more here at your finger tips. Try aqua aerobics for an easy way to get back and stay in an exercise program.

Aquatic Fitness Accessories
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Aqua Jogger Belt, water aerobics
Power Systems Aqua Jogger Belt

CODE: PS86482

Price: $73.95


Power Systems Bar Float

CODE: PS86590

Price: $50.95


Power Systems Water Dumbbells

CODE: PS86551

Price: $32.95


flotation belt
Power Systems Water Flotation Belt

CODE: PS86501

Price: $29.95


The Madison Collection Towel Pool
The Madison Collection Pool Towel


Price: $46.00

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