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Brighten your back deck, home or bar area with nostalgic Danforth Pewter Oil Lamps, delight in the romance of stormy nights without power. Entertain with candles and enjoy their sultry scents, the aromatherapy benefit or the pure pleasure of soft lighting. We present Natural Salt Lamps or yummm, Chocolate Flower Farm.

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Himalayan Salt Lamp Fire Bowl
Himalayan Salt Lamp Fire Bowl

CODE: C3523

Price: $95.00


Natural Salt Lamp
Himalayan Natural Salt Lamp

CODE: C3515

Price: $49.00


Danforth Pewter Onion Oil Lamp
Danforth Onion Oil Lamp

CODE: DP40-029-0446

Price: $215.00


Danforth Pewter Shallot Oil Lamp
Danforth Shallot Oil Lamp

CODE: DP40-029-0455

Price: $190.00


Danforth Lincoln Pewter Candle
Danforth Lincoln Pewter Candlestick

CODE: DP40-029-0431

Price: $85.00


Danforth Pewter Chamber Lamp
Danforth Chamber Lamp

CODE: DP40-029-0527

Price: $195.00


Chocolate Flower Farm Set of Six Essence of Chocolate Votives


Price: $19.00

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