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touch therapy By Steve Capellini carole tessier
Attention to our partner’s foot treatment can be one of the most luxurious sensations we can experience is having our feet washed by somebody else.  It’s an archetypal tradition that stretches back to biblical times.  Following these few steps of instruction, you will have your partner (and his/her feet) ready to dance all night!


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The Royal Touch Therapy

1.   As you begin, place your partner’s feet in a hot bath (a large bowl or bathtub does nicely), lifting the feet up yourself and gently guiding them into the water.  Then, as you wash each foot, take special care and go slowly, swirling a washcloth sensuously around the ankle, between the toes, and over the arch.
2.    Lift one foot at a time out of the bath.  If you have a cuticle tool and nail file it’s a great idea to give them a clipping and filing of the nails as well.  It’s not absolutely necessary, the important thing is the attention and care you give.
3.    Wrap each of your partner’s feet in a (steaming) hot towel as you finish with it and let rest.
4.    During this time, perform a three-to-five minute massage on each hand using skin lotion or massage oil.  Wrap each hand in a hot towel as you finish with it.  
5.    Unwrapping one foot at a time, perform a ten minute massage on each foot and lower leg (using massage lotion or oil).
6.    Unwrap the hands.

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