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Sound can affect us on all levels. It’s a transformative, powerful force. And while its healing energies have been used for centuries, it’s a relatively new therapeutic approach being used by modern complementary health practitioners.


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Staying In Tune With Sound

Throughout history, the healing properties of music were well known and tools such as rattles, bowls and drums were used as healing instruments. Today, healers are rediscovering its therapeutic effects and more current tools like tuning forks, chimes, and sound and music discs are being used as complementary and independent means of healing.  

Sound has a curative and purifying influence on both the mind and body and restores balance and harmony of the soul's faculties. When applied, it has the potential to cure disease, alleviate stress and anxiety, and help achieve deep relaxation and inner quietness.  

Harmonious Research
According to Dr. Hans Jenny, a Swiss medical doctor and scientist, sound has an effect on shape and form. His research concluded that inorganic substances turn into organic shapes when exposed to different sound frequencies.

Through Jenny's experiments and research, there is now proof that different sounds create different forms. This is also one of the fundamental principles of healing with sound. Since every part of our bodies has a resonant frequency, it is important that the frequencies be balanced in order to maintain a healthy body.   

Illness is an out of tune body. When something becomes diseased, its frequency changes and it begins to vibrate differently. Through sound, it may be possible to re-harmonize vibrations which causes the body to become in tune again.

Instruments and Treatments

The scope of sound healing is vast. From music and nature sounds, to electronic and vocal sounds, the variety of treatments inherent to this field is boundless. Sessions may include:
•    Music Therapy: songs and music are used for behavioral transformation
•    Cymatic Therapy: frequencies are projected into the body by way of instruments to create physiological change
•    Music in Imagery: combines music with varied imagery
•    Harmonic Resonance: combines kinesiology with synthesized sound frequencies to balance the body
•    Mantric Chanting: specific mantras are sounded to balance etheric field
•    Tuning Forks: frequencies are projected  into the body via tuning forks for relaxation and balance
•    Vibro-Acoustic Beds or Chairs: beds or chairs that project music into the body


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