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These days it seems that spirituality is seldom honoured in the workplace. In fact, for many of us, work has become so dehumanized that we don’t even regard our workplace as a part of ourselves. However, by applying and incorporating some important “Vastu Living” principles into our work life we can reclaim our identity and acknowledge the soul in the workplace.


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Vastu Living

Vastu Living is the first modern adaptation of an ancient discipline from India that incorporates architecture and design. Connected to yoga and ayurveda (Indian alternative medicine), Vastu maintains that the soul is not alone and believes that the key to health and wellness is maintaining a balance – with the environment and our body, soul and mind.

By applying a few of the chief principles that form the foundation of Vastu Living, we can regain our essence of self and create a home for the soul within the workplace.

A good way to start is by expressing our connection to all that exists by bringing nature into our workspace. Incorporating such things as fresh or dried flowers, wooden boxes or a jute rug can be surprisingly comforting for the soul. If privy to a little sunlight, we can introduce beautiful plants into our work setting –even the act of caring for them will generate favourable therapeutic effects. Celebrating our bonds with loved ones by displaying a couple of pictures or treasured greeting cards is also a good idea – it reminds us of our good fortune.

To encourage inner peace, we can create a zone of tranquility by devoting a small space to zen-like arrangements that generate calmness, such as a vase containing floating flower petals, or a terra cotta dish filled with crystals or sand and seashells. If your workplace allows for it, enhance serenity with the use of essential oils, a lit candle, or let comforting music waft through the air. 

Vastu Living reduces stress, which in turn allows us to focus on our work and enhances our sense of satisfaction and serenity. And it’s within these moments of serenity that we’re reminded that we a perfect part of this magnificent universe!

This article is based on excerpts from Vastu Living: Creating a Home for the Soul, by Kathleen Cox.


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