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Once in a while, it appears as though everything around us is changing at once.

Seasons steadily cross into the next, and with it comes a change in fashion, a change in weather conditions and more. And as the clock keeps ticking, we bear witness to continual changes in political climates, technologies and even our personal lives.


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Saying YES, one change at a time

With change comes the option to resist or accept it. Choosing the latter will bring about the inevitable shift of moving forward. And those who move forward will be the ones to reap the greatest rewards.

But as we continue onward and upward, we must realize that the measure of our achievements is not necessarily in the size of our steps forward. Rather, it lies in our willingness to say yes to putting one foot in front of the other. 

As a consequence, interesting things begin to transpire, and before long, opportunities appear and circumstances are shaped. 

In our “Knowing Your Ingredients” article, you’ll notice that saying yes to progress is customary for our skin care industry pioneers. Their new technologies and innovative leaps forward have fundamentally altered the business of skin care.

Also energetically moving to the fore is our global environmental awareness and need for self-discovery.

Whether you’re opening the doors of culture through new books, travel or leisure time, or welcoming a new fitness or health regime, saying yes to change is saying yes to having the courage to walk in the direction of your dreams.  Remember that the secret to moving forward is to simply keep moving, one step and one change at a time.


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