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Thalassotherapy, from the Greek thalassa (sea) and therapeia (care), is an ancient and soothing wellness treatment. Rich in mineral salts and trace elements, these rituals engage the beneficial properties of the sea to help skin cells absorb more oxygen and naturally occurring minerals, while simultaneously drawing toxins out of the body.


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Thalassotherapy - Return to the Source

The therapeutic effects of Thalassotherapy include a rebalance of energy and metabolism, stress relief, restoration of circulation and suppleness to the skin, and slimming, In other words, Thalassotherapy promotes 360° wellness.

Traditionally practiced in specialized centers in Brittany, France, the benefits of Thalassotherapy can now be reaped at home. Algodermia, an Italian company founded more than 30 years ago, has created beautiful thalassotherapy, algodermia skin careproducts for this healing ritual: marine bath salts, seaweed baths that recreate the marine environment and its elements, scrubs to remove impurities and stimulate circulation, creams and emulsions to attenuate cellulite and tone, moisturize and firm the skin. Algodermia also offers marine mud and wraps which help eliminate toxins from our body, reduce unsightly flaws and restore energy and beauty to our skin.

About Seawater:

thalassotherapy, algodermia skin careA seawater bath can replenish the entire body’s minerals – more than 60 minerals are dispersed in seawater in the form of tiny particles. Compositionally, seawater is akin to blood plasma, and bathing in it facilitates the absorption of these minerals into our skin through osmosis. In just a few minutes, the body has soaked up significant levels of sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium, as well as other necessary trace minerals. Our efficient bodies know exactly how to use each of these elements to meet all of its wellness needs; magnesium relieves stress, iodine burns fat, silicon and zinc repair skin damage, selenium reduces inflammation.

About Seaweed:

thalassotherapy, algodermia skin careThe first form of life to appear on Earth, seaweed exists at various depths in the seas and oceans. Marine seaweed is well known for its unique regenerating properties. It contains an incomparable richness of vital substances in balanced proportions: minerals, trace elements, vitamins, vegetable hormones, proteins and polysaccharides. There are many different types of seaweed, and each contains a specific concentration of elements that determine its use; for example, some brown algae are rich in vitamins and minerals that energize and re-hydrate. Others rich in iodine, calcium, magnesium, and vitamin C are used in slimming and firming treatments and products. Still others, potent with alginates and carrageen, moisturize and soothe our skin.

thalassotherapy, algodermia skin careAs you now understand, there is an incredible and range of wellness and beauty benefits to be gained by returning to the source of all life: the sea. With regular use (2-3 times weekly), your body will re-acquire a harmonious functionality and a positive psycho-physical balance.

You will feel pure.

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