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aromatherpy By Valerie Bennis
Essence of Valie, Valerie  Bennis

Let's face it, the anticipation of heading into the winter season can be a challenge for many of us. The short days, cool temperatures & lack of sun,  tests our strength and will, continuously. Tell yourself everyday that you deserve to treat yourself and your loved ones with the utmost care. Ask yourself  – “what have I done to treat myself to something that makes me happy, and in turn, will make those that love you, happy?"  It may be buying yourself some flowers or eating your favorite food or taking a bath. “Taking a bath” is where I come in!! In fact, Mae West once said “when in doubt, take a bath”.


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Soothing Sleep Bedtime Ritual Begins with a Great Bath

Bathing is one of the most therapeutic/pampering things you can do. Hippocrates said in 500 BC, “the way the health is to have an aromatic bath and scented massage every day”. I would like to share with you a soothing sleep ritual that you can do each night to lull yourself into a peaceful slumber.

You will need the following 100% natural Essence of Vali products to get started:

1.  Put on relaxing music such as Soundings of the Planet – Healing Dreams
2.  Draw yourself a bath.
3.  Pour 2 capfuls of Sleep Massage & Bath Oil into the water.
4.  Swirl the water with your hands to distribute the oil.
5.  Now, for the best part:  get in!
6.  Relax and enjoy the calming essences as you are enveloped in comfort.
7.  Soak for 10-20 minutes or more if you can.
8.  Wrap yourself in a plush towel such as Pure Fiber’s Bamboo towel, and enjoy the softness of your skin as the oils are absorbed.
9.  Walk softly to your bed and mist your pillowcase with the Sleep Soothing Mist. Additionally, you can put a drop of the Sleep Concentrate on the corner of your pillowcase and dab a bit of Bedtime Balm above your upper lip.
10.  Get into bed and relax into a deep peaceful sleep, we promise!!

Other options:  If you don’t have time for a bath, use the massage & bath oil on hands and feet and then use the mist and/or sleep concentrate on your pillowcase.

Sleep peacefully….

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