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Self-Revitalizing By Carole Tessier carole tessier

The following “journey”, based on Ayurvedic principles, is meant to give you pleasure. Whether you do it right doesn’t matter  - simply enjoy the journey, and you’ll come out feeling refreshed, centered, and revitalized.


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Self-Revitalizing Journey

1)    Have two warm hand towels, a loofah sponge or linen mitt, and a bottle of massage oil on hand.
2)    Seated in a comfy chair with a blanket beneath you, slough off dead skin with the loofah or mitt.
3)    Warm massage oil into your palm and give yourself a thorough body massage, working up the body (don’t forget your face and scalp). Bask in the pleasures of feeling your own body.   
4)    Continue massaging, working your way down your body. Pay special attention to areas that require healing energy by placing your palms over top.
5)    Wrap one of the warm towels around one leg, sliding it up - then do the other leg. Place the second warm towel on your belly, then move up over shoulders, arms, and hands.
6)    Lie back into your chair, pull the edges of the blanket up over your body, and snuggle in.
7)    Dribble a few drops of oil on the tip of your middle finger and rub the center of your forehead in a circular motion. This improves the body’s hormonal system.
8)    Breathe in and out for a few minutes and focus on your inner awareness.  

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