Mini-Reflexology By Carole Tessier carole tessier

Reflexology, a therapy that involves the working of reflex points and focuses mainly on the feet, can be traced back thousands of years to ancient Chinese and Egyptian times. When performed by a qualified therapist, reflexology can treat a person on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level.


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Follow the following mini-reflexology steps for soothing and nurturing effects. 

1)    Start by giving each toe a good squeeze and a gentle pull. Using your thumbs, “walk” over the surface of the big toe – this will help stimulate the head, neck, face and brain reflexes.

2)    Using your knuckles, press against the pads of the feet between the toes.

3)    Squeeze the balls of your feet - using your thumb below and index finger on top of the foot. Place your finger in the groove between the bones that run lengthwise along the foot. This stimulates the chest and lung area.

4)    Pinch the bottom of your heels – pulling and twisting skin.

5)    Inch the tip of your thumb up along the arch of the foot (from heel to big toe), stimulating the spine’s reflex.

6)    Make little circles around the inner and outer anklebones and on the sides of the heels.

7)    Finish with gentle kneading over the entire foot.


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