Men's Home Spa Treatment By Carole Tessier Carole Tessier, Spa Advisor

Taking care of one’s appearance is not exclusive to women. Gentlemen YOU now know the importance of feeling good through healthy eating and exercise and have gone STEPS further to gain a competitive edge – by maintaining a well-groomed regimen. However too often in haste and subject to a hectic lifestyle – men neglect the skin under their clothes until of course summer comes along…it is never too late or futile to start paying attention to your protective shells.


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Here are a few easy & pleasurable ways to INDULGE your SENSES…MIND – BODY  & SOUL

SPA AT “HOMME” (man in French) Find more great ideas at our Men's Cave!
Firstly the word S.P.A comes from the Latin acronym “Sanus Per Aquam” which translates to “Healing through Water” and gentlemen who have been fortunate enough to visit at least 1 or 2 several spas – know that hydrotherapies are a key proponent in healing spa therapies. The experience is NIRVANA and you probably wish you could relive it every night. Well YOU can!

The origins of the Japanese sento (bathing ritual) and the Japanese bathing culture in general can be traced to the  Buddhist temples in  India from where it spread to China and finally to Japan. It was believed that bathing could purify the soul & cure illness and though these Sento-Baths were mostly reserved for Priests and the nobility, people who suffered from certain physical ailments were also permitted to partake in Sento bathing.


Step 1 - HOT STEAMY SHOWER (to open pores)

This Ritual begins with a hot steamy shower to open the pores – and cleanse away surface bacteria with a Vitaman Skin Care Grooming for Men which performs double duty to cleanse and exfoliate dead surface skin cells with the help of natural Dead Sea Salts, algae, Ginseng, Sage & Cypress extracts. After you step out of your shower – make sure to stay warm in a comfortable ORGANIC COTTON or BAMBOO COTTON towels by Pure Fiber Bamboo Towel Set or a luxurious bathrobe from Kashwer Robes which will keep your pores open and clean.

*While you run your bathwater – we recommend a QUICK FLASH FACIAL AND SHAVE
(see instructions below)

*We strongly urge you to take the time to prepare your bathroom for the total experience and set the mood for ultimate calm & relaxation. This would include mood enhancing aromatic Candlelight. Spa Music is quintessential in de-stressing & calming the nerves; it is now being used in meditation and visualization therapies to induce positive visual “affirmations”.

Step 2 - DETOXIFY – PURIFY (adapted from Oriental Hammam rituals)

The 2nd step is a bath immersion into our mineral rich-Sea Salt, Epsom & magnesium AFRICANA Herbal salts infusions which combine algae with organic spices and aromatic blends of essential oils, herbs & botanicals infused with beneficial magnesium properties, all to stimulate detoxification & purify body & soul. Shop our bath salts.

* Temperature of the bath water should be comfortable – not too hot as this can dry the skin. Very hot water is not recommended for men in their reproductive years (18-55) as this can lower sperm count. Hot baths are also not recommended for men who suffer from heart disease.


Once you leave the warm cocoon of this exotic experience, your body will react to the change of temperature – from the warmth of the bathwater to the coolness of the room, therefore it is important to dry your body quickly and remain warmly enveloped in a GildenTree Bathrobe and slippers from Boca Terry until you can acclimatize yourself. Once you feel comfortable to disrobe – you must rehydrate your skin while the pores are still dilated this beneficial for dry hands & feet.

For the man whose skin is plagued by scaly dry patches of dead skin cells which can only be conquered through regular bathing & exfoliations, or the “aerodynamic sport-guru” who regularly strips his body of any trace of hair – we offer our specialized Nantucket Natural Oils; specifically conceived for skins suffering from irritations & skin rashes due to waxing & laser procedures, sunburns or inflammations caused by external factors. It is the ultimate in anti-aging and anti-inflammatory oils.


So, you have just stepped out of your “flash shower” and have lit your candles, dimmed the artificial lighting or snuffed it our altogether. Good move! Now while you wait for your tub to fill – here’s a great way to multi-task starting with Razor MD Shaving Kits.

Optional  Only if your tub has not yet “runneth over” or if you are the type of gent who prefers to shave at night. If you qualify, then you are ready to experience the BEST SHAVE you ever had without inviting the Barber home! Your face & neck are now thoroughly cleansed and rid of any harmful bacteria and pollutants. Make sure you have rinsed off all traces of the cleanser & scrub and leave your skin moist with the hot water. Do not dry your face with a towel but rather…apply a thin layer of shaving cream on bearded areas, massaging in the essential oils and healing properties of; rosa mosquesta a powerful anti-inflammatory compound from Chile, nutritious Canadian seaweed & algae & rich coconut extracts infused with earthy meadow foam seed oil & flax seed oil & lime & tea-tree extracts to tone naturally and disinfect without alcohol - at the same time.

For the feeling of luxury discover Hommage Shavers.

If you have accomplished ALL the above – YOU deserve to soak in that luxurious bath. Be PROUD, you are a strong self-respecting MAN who now possesses all the tools to be more competitive, edgy and CONFIDENT – and most importantly “HEALTHIER”.


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