Lavender Massage By Carole Tessier carole tessier

“Feel good” factor aside, there are plenty of medical benefits to receiving a massage. Not only does it increase circulation, it also stimulates the body's natural defenses and alleviates symptoms of depression.


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Lavender or Clary Sage Massage

1)    Find a partner who will serve as your massage therapist.
2)    If you have a massage table, great – if not, a firm mattress covered with a couple of sheets will work nicely.
3)    Light a few aromatherapy candles and play some calming music.
4)    Remove your clothing and jewelry, and slip between the sheets.
5)    Use essential oils. Try lavender to relieve stress or headache, and stimulate the circulatory system, or clary sage to help alleviate fatigue and depression.
6)    Have your partner warm the oil in the palm of his/her hand, then proceed with massage.
7)    Kneading technique: gently grasp an area (i.e. shoulders, back, calves, thighs, or fleshy area over the hip) with both hands and knead the skin as though kneading dough.
8)    Keeping warm during the massage is important as it keeps the muscles relaxed. Make sure the room stays warm and keep a few blankets nearby. An electric blanket or heating pad is a welcome touch.
9)    Following the massage, relax for about 20 minutes while keeping warm.
10)    Replenish body fluids by drinking water or herbal tea.

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