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kerstin florian at home spa ritual

The typical day of the modern mother (or the not so modern) involves selfless task after selfless task. The daily juggle of working, meal making, cleaning, homework, not to mention chauffeuring….these are all jobs we are happy to do, but often leave us depleted. The trouble is, there’s little time left after all this to replenish our spent energy.


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Energizing Ritual for the Time-Starved Momkerstin florian

Since multi-tasking is the hallmark of today’s lifestyle, try this at home spa treatment from Kerstin Florian, using her Krauter Scrub Kit. She originally designed this ritual to combat Jet Lag, but we think that that a day spent being a mom is akin to taking a bumpy cross-country flight…

1. Exfoliate the skin in the shower using Krauter Chamomile Body Scrub. Follow with Krauter Chamomile Shower / Bath Gel on a loofah.

kerstin florian at home spa treatment2. Draw a warm bath and pour in Krauter Kamille Bath.

3. While soaking, apply Moor Mud Masque to cleansed face. Spray light mists of Aromatherapy Neroli Water to keep the masque moist. Remove with a warm washcloth.

4. Finish with a light spray of Krauter Chamomile Body Spray. kerstin florian at home spa treatment

This experience will restore your mind, body, and soul, in as little time as it takes for to zone out in front of a sit-com. And it will leave you happily ready for the next challenge! Or hug, as the case may be…





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