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a facial for your man By Sherina Jamal

With the stresses of daily life and the impact that can have on overall health, not to mention the desire to have more youthful looking skin creating your own home spa experience can provide countless benefits on a budget. The key is to incorporate products that are cost effective while still being result oriented and pampering.


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Creating your own spa experience with Beauty Through Balance.

The Beauty Through Balance spa line, created by Ancient Secrets Inc. and made in Canada, provides the perfect way to indulge from head to toe in the comforts of home. This authentic spa treatment line is actually used in some of the best spas to offer guests therapeutic grade full body wraps, pedicures, facials and more. Here are some simple steps you can utilize products from their line at home to experience the ultimate in skin care maintenance:

The following steps utilize products from the Beauty through Balance signature Series focusing on detoxification, re-balance and anti-aging.

15 minute Express Spa Facial:

Step 1: Begin by gently cleansing and purifying the face using the Glacial Purifying Cleanser. This is a sulfate free, re-balancing cleanser perfect for all skin types.

Step 2: Once the skin is cleansed, apply a thin layer of the Hydra Skin Renewal Gel Mask to deeply re-hydrate, soothe and target signs of age. Rinse well after 10 minutes.

Step 3 Apply a few sprays of the Glacial Revitalizing mist to tone, re-balance and hydrate, massage the liquid serum into the skin and complete your express facial using a small amount of either the Lavender Soy Lotion (Lavender Soy Series) or Acai Berry Power Repair Moisturizer (for drier skin types – Acai Berry Series)

Beautify The Body:

Utilize the Beauty through Balance Green Tea Seaweed Salt glow in the shower to detoxify while improving skin’s tone and texture. Fresh seaweed and green tea will leave the skin nourished and smooth.  After your shower mist the body with the Glacial Revitalizing Mist to seal in hydration and complete your body treatment by applying the Seaweed Body Butter to nourish the skin and promote more a more youthful appearance.

The Green Tea Seaweed Salt Glow can also be added to a warm bath for a detoxifying soak.

*For areas of the body that are very dry/dehydrated you can use the Hydra Skin Renewal Gel on these areas by simply applying it as a thin layer on the desired area, leaving it on for 5 to 7 minutes before removing.  This can be done after exfoliation.

To further enhance your home spa experience turn the lights down, light a few aromatherapy candles, and enjoy soothing sounds of a spa music CD. (we suggest Spa Moments CD Peaceful Reflection)

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