Jamu Asian Spa Rituals, Bali Spa Treatment By Kim Collier
Kim Collier, Jamu Asian Spa Rituals

To The Baliense "the more beautiful and fragrant an offering, the higher a prayer carries to its intention". This Bali Flowers Ritual is simple, and beautiful, and brings the peace and calm of Bali to your home...


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Inspiration (what you will need in your bathroom)

Intention (what you will experience, allow one hour)

1. Prepare a sacred space. Chant or sing, while preparing your bathroom with incense, healing music and draw a warm bath with flower petals

Be sure to have prepared a place that is ready for relaxation at the completion of the ritual. Find some great ideas under "My Sanctuary, A Place to Call OM".

2. Quietly wash your feet and hands, allow the water to cleanse both body and mind. Light the incense, and offer up a prayer of gratitude.

3. Start Bali  music, and stand in the shower, without yet turning on the water. BRISKLY yet lightly, apply the Bali Flower Scrub (blend of organic salts or sugar with Bali Flowers Bath & Shower Gel, prepared above), as if painting your body with your hands. This exfoliation will invigorate the mind, and thoroughly cleanse the body.

4. Shower off the Bali Flowers Scrub with a warm shower, and finish with a cool rinse!!

5. Use Bali Flowers Organic Massage Oil now for your hair and scalp. The coconut oil is magnificant moisturizer for the scalp and hair. Leave in for 15 minutes, then after bath, shower again, and wash hair.

6. Recline in flower bath, while sipping ginger tea and increasing  'Prana life energy' through Healthy Breathing.

7. Step out of bath, and with skin still warm and slightly moist, briskly apply JAMU Bali Flowers Organic Massage Oil. Start at the feet and work upward toward the heart, and up to heaven.

8. Complete with a blessing or prayer. A Balinese blessings is "Om Swasti Astu" - Peace In Your Heart, And In The World or Baliense thank you is "Termiakasih" - I have received your love.

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