a facial for your man By Steve Capellini

Maybe your man doesn’t know it yet, but part of him is absolutely craving a royal treatment. He wants to be soothed and taken care of. He wants you to point out how important it is that he look good when he goes out into the world to do whatever it is he does.


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A Facial For Your Man

The following is an exerpt from Steve Capellini's book The Royal Treatment.

Maybe your man doesn’t know it yet, but part of him is absolutely craving a royal treatment. He wants to be soothed and taken care of. He wants you to point out how important it is that he look good when he goes out into the world to do whatever it is he does. Through some faulty logic, men sometimes end up thinking that the way their car looks is more important that the way their face does. You can change that.

If you take the time to perform the Gentlemen’s Facial that I created and am about to describe, your man will definitely love it, even if he thinks you’re a little crazy for suggesting it in the first place. A facial is something many men shy away from, but when it’s being offered to them by their wives, their fiancées, or their girlfriends, hopefully they’ll relax a little and let themselves go.

Not much necessary to take your man through a full-fledged facial experience at home:
1.    A comfy chair draped with a sheet
2.    Three hot, moist hand towels
3.    A bowl of hot water
4.    Some cotton pads
5.    Facial skin toner
6.    Facial deep cleansing scrub or cleanser
7.    Moisturizing cream
8.    Seaweed Face Mask (optional)

Step by Step:

1.    Warmly welcome your man home from his day. Tell him how special he is and how much he deserves to be treated royally. Help him out of his jacket or shirt. Tell him you have something special planned for him.

2.    Lead him to the comfortable chair you’ve prepared. You can also have him lie down on the edge of the bed or massage table, on top of a sheet. Place towel beneath his head to protect the sheets and furniture from stains.

3.    Wipe away the days grime from his face with a cotton pad soaked in a bracing skin toner. Do this for the neck and beck as well as along the jaw to his ears. This is wonderfully cooling and invigorating.

4.    The first of the hot towels comes out now. Lower it down onto his face, being careful not to cover his mouth and nose. After a minute pull the towel gently away.

5.    Spend a few minutes minutely examining your man’s face. Does he have blackheads or whiteheads? If there are any obvious problems you think you can address, go ahead, making sure your hands and nails are extra clean. Then most sanitary way to do this is with a piece of tissue paper between your fingers and his face. Remembering to be extremely gentle, squeeze softly from opposite sides of a blackhead, pushing in toward the center. Of course, for the full deep-cleansing of a “real” spa facial, he’ll have to visit a professional.

6.    Take your (warmed if possible) facial scrub or cleanser, and spread it out slowly over his face with your fingers, using light massage motions, making sure always to move up toward the top of his head. You can also apply it to his neck, which feels incredible, and it’s good for the sensitive skin there as well.

7.    With the scrub or cleanser still on his face, apply hot towel number two. Unfold the towel, and lay the center gently over his forehead. Then circle the ends down around his chin, covering the skin but leaving a little breathing space over the mouth and nose. Let this remain until it is completely cooled off, usually after four or five minutes. Apply the third towel then, to keep his face warm and deepen the effects of the cleanser/mask . It’s the heat that activates a deep-cleansing process in the pores.

8.    While the hot towels are resting on his face and he is relaxing, take one of his hands at a time, gently give him a hand massage. Take your time. Give each hand a full five minutes. Then switch the towel and begin the other hand. Use a rich, soothing cream for the massage.

9.    With the last towel that was on his face, carefully wipe up the scrub/mask. You may need an extra towel for this as well.

10.    As an option, you may decide to apply a seaweed mask to his face and let it dry. Then either peel or scrub it off, depending on the product. Thicker  “rubbery” masks can be peeled off, while thin powder masks can be scrubbed away. Remember to apply only upward strokes and to work gently on the delicate skin of the face. This will add the health-enhancing effects of ingredients found in seaweed, but the facial alone is plenty luxurious enough.

11.   Using a moisturizing facial cream and slow loving strokes, massage his face. Remember to pay attention and not to hurry. How does his jaw feel between your fingertips? What is the texture of his cheeks? Do you feel the beginning of stubble there after a long day? Glide your fingers over each area, rubbing out care, breathing in relaxation.

12.    For the last minute, pull up little portions of his skin between the very tips of your fingers, bringing circulation up to the surface and adding that rosy, refreshed glow to his face. As a final step, when he feels like getting up again, have him look in the mirror for a moment. Is the man he sees now a little different from the one who walked through the door a little while ago? You can congratulate yourself on helping him see the real him.

When he’s in the middle of his Gentleman’s Facial, remind your man to breathe. At first, it may be a strain for him to let himself feel good about the product spread on his face. It’s up to you to remind him that this is his time to forget about everything else, to be taken care of instead of constantly take care, to let go and let love in.

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