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Looking for a refuge of your own? What better place than in your home! We all need a private place where we can truly relax. And since our home is where we spend most of our time, why not make the most of it? Turning a space or room into your own peaceful retreat is easier than you think..

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A Place To Call Om!

If you need a break from your hectic life, consider transforming an area of your home into your own sanctuary. Having your own personal refuge can help you achieve balance and a sense of serenity.

Getting away in your own home
We all need a private place where we can truly relax. And since our home is where we spend most of our time, why not make the most of it? Turning a space or room into your own peaceful retreat is easier than you think. Here’s how:

Spoil yourself by transforming your bedroom into a top-notch hotel suite. Lift your spirits with newly laundered Pure Fiber sheets, a beautiful Madison Collection
blanket, luxurious pillows, and fresh cut flowers. Find everything you need in Home & Décor!

Create a sense of comfort and intimacy with sidelights, dimmers, and warm candlelight. And for a zen-like decor, take color cues from nature. Choosing neutral colors like taupe, sand, brown, gray, sea green and black will induce feelings of serenity.

And like any five-star hotel, don’t forget to stock your sanctuary with your favorite bonbons!

Transforming your own bathroom into a place for centering and renewal isn’t difficult. By choosing soothing colors, sounds and scents you can turn your bathroom into a healing sanctuary.

Choose a color that meets your needs. Aquamarine induces tranquility, sky-blue is calming, green is healing and revitalizing, while pure white represents cleanliness.

Create warmth with layered lighting. Surrounding yourself with candles while soaking in a fragrant essential oil infused bath will provide a tranquil space in which to relax. Listening to music can also be nice - or just let your mind go still with the sound of silence.

Bathrooms that reflect the natural world help bring balance. Try incorporating stone, wood, shells and crystals into your decor. You can also bring nature inside with plants.

Treat your body to the soft, welcoming luxury of a high-quality towel or bathrobe

Reading/Writing Room
Oftentimes, the best remedy for a stressed out mind is something a little less taxing. If you’re burned out from a busy day, curl up in a comfortable chair with a cup of tea and your favorite author. Or retreat to your special space for some journaling or letter writing.

You might want to think about investing in a cozy chair or sofa - or try piling different types of throw pillows on the floor.  

Set the mood with a cozy throw, scented candles and the soothing sounds of a table fountain or healing music.

Bring in a small table and some cherished possessions, like childhood keepsakes, photographs or other objects that hold meaning to you.

Make your reading/writing room a pile-free zone. Keep books, magazines and writing supplies in a pretty basket or ottoman. 

Always remember to keep your retreat space clean and uncluttered, and you’ll enjoy your time there much more!

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Himalayan Salt Lamp Fire Bowl
Himalayan Salt Lamp Fire Bowl

CODE: C3523

Price: $95.00


Kashwere, robe, lightweight
Kashwére Seasonless Unisex Lightweight Robe


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Natural Salt Lamp
Himalayan Natural Salt Lamp

CODE: C3515

Price: $49.00


Tibetan Singing Bowl with Gift Set
Tibetan Singing Bowl with Gift Set

CODE: C3624-25-26

Price: $40.00


Danforth Lincoln Pewter Candle
Danforth Lincoln Pewter Candlestick

CODE: DP40-029-0431

Price: $85.00


Feng Shui Consultation, Spa at Home, Judith Wendell
Feng Shui Consultation, Spa at Home, by Judith Wendell

CODE: feng shui consulting

Price: $180.00


Danforth Pewter Chamber Lamp
Danforth Chamber Lamp

CODE: DP40-029-0527

Price: $195.00


Nayer Kazemi Water Art Nature Bowl


Price: $240.00


Danforth Pewter Tea Infuser
Danforth Tea Infuser

CODE: DPteainfuser

Price: $26.75


Kashwere Throw
Kashwére Throw Damask

CODE: KWThrowDamask

Price: $165.00


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