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The power of essential oils is never-ending. Often underestimated, essential oils have incredible healing powers and an amazing ability to alter our moods and stimulate our brains.


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Essential oils are aromatic plant extracts that promote health and well-being. Used for thousands of years, this ancient art has an uplifting effect on the mind, body and spirit.  

First termed “aromatherapy” by French chemist René-Maurice Gattefosse in 1928, essential oils play a large part in alternative medicine therapy because of their healing effects on our bodies. Readily absorbed through the skin, or via the lungs when inhaled, these therapeutic components enter the bloodstream where they deliver their beneficial powers.

10 useful essential oils:

The most versatile of the essential oils, lavender helps to regenerate skin, treats burns, is soothing and relaxing. It has sedative properties, is an antiseptic, and can reduce inflammation.

Chamomile has the ability to soothe our nerves, is good for restlessness and irritability, and soothes the digestive system. Chamomile is also anti-inflammatory and is useful for skin problems such as acne, hives, dermatitis, and eczema.

Tea Tree
Along with lavender, tea tree oil is one of the safest oils to use therapeutically. It is antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial. It can also be used to treat athlete’s foot and other fungal infections.  

Lemon is renown for its detoxifying properties and is antibacterial and antiviral. It is useful for liver detoxification, it promotes mental clarity, and refreshes the spirit. Lemon may also help lower high blood pressure.

Eucalyptus essential oil is a powerful antiseptic. It is anti-bacterial, antiviral, boosts immunity and aids respiration.

Frankincense facilitates breathing by helping to open the lungs’ airways. It promotes skin regeneration, preserves a youthful complexion and may reduce wrinkles. It also relieves menstrual cramps.  

Ginger is great for digestion and helps stimulate appetite. It is very useful for nausea and can help with diarrhea, dysentery and intestinal infections. Ginger is also a renowned aphrodisiac.

Juniper essential oil is very useful for kidney and urinary tract infections. Its strong diuretic properties make it ideal for weight loss and cellulite reduction.

Ylang Ylang
Ylang ylang is effective against malaria, typhus and infections of the intestinal tract. Useful for anxiety and restlessness, it also has a sensual fragrance and aphrodisiac properties.

Jasmine essential oil has a lovely floral and exotic fragrance. It is useful for women's health problems such as PMS, menopausal complaints, and hormonal imbalances.


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