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With most people spending an average of 80% to 90% of their time indoors, it is important to create healthy, loving and supportive surroundings.


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Love and Health... Feng Shui Style

The Art of Feng Shui
Known as the “art of placement”, Feng Shui is a proactive approach to designing an environment that is conducive to improving one’s life.

Improvements are achieved through the arrangement of furnishings, home decor, lighting, and color applications, and based on five fundamental elements: water, wood, earth, fire and metal. Water represents abundance and prosperity; wood - growth and expansion; fire - action and passion; earth - stability and security; and metal - focus and clarity. 

Harmonize Your Health
(The dominant element is earth and complimentary is fire)
By enhancing areas located in the center of individual rooms or floor plans you are taking a proactive approach to your health. And keeping these areas free of clutter will result in improved vitality.

Colors that help you function at optimum levels physically are earth tones, terra cotta colors and yellows. They symbolize the earth element and should be prominent in the area mentioned. Ceramic or clay items are perfect for this area. Try adding a square ceramic bowl filled with healthy red apples. This symbolizes good stable health and supports the elements of earth and fire, which are crucial in bringing strength and vitality to the area in question.

Energize Your Relationships
(The dominant element is earth and complimentary is fire)
The rear right of an individual room or floor plan is where you should be focusing your attention when wanting to attract new love or improve current relationships. This area is a good place for items that have to do with your own self-care, as this expresses self-love. For example, a photo of a relaxing spa day when you felt really pampered or a special vacation!

This area’s dominant element is earth, which symbolizes support and nourishment. Adding earth elements such as clay, stone, granite, ceramic, and crystals will improve this area nicely. Colors that enhance this area are pinks and reds, which symbolize love and support the fire element. Place loving photos and symbols of love in this area such as roses, hearts or butterflies. (Butterflies are known as the cupids of Feng Shui.)

For couples, make sure things are symbolized in pairs – like two pink candles or two heart-shaped vases.

Placing written goals and intentions on the love you wish to attract in this area is very powerful. 
Try attaching them to a beautiful image or photo that evokes feelings of love within you and expect the best! 


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