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Something big is lurking out there on the market horizon and is about to make a widespread appearance. According to Trendwatching.com, a growing trend, which this Netherlands-based trend firm calls “insperiences,” is swiftly filling a consumer need.


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Thinking inside the box
A step up from the cocooning phenomenon, ”insperiences” enable people to enjoy in their homes first-rate commercial experiences until recently available only outside the home.

Prosperity and a high demand for comfort, quality and convenience are motivating the “insperience” trend.  More and more new business ideas and concepts are capitalizing on this tendency as “in the comfort of one’s own home” takes on an entirely new meaning. 

Hot “insperiences”  
Homeowners with space to spare are finding a new purpose for vacant rooms by installing specialty rooms and spaces. For those looking to “intertain” while having all the conveniences at their fingertips, a home theatre can fill the bill. Other consumers are building exercise rooms, games rooms, dance rooms, yoga rooms and home spas. 

For those not living that large, here are a few goods and services that could transform even the tiniest of apartments into an “insperience” hub:

• Real home-theatre shows: live plays are performed in the clients’ living rooms or kitchens, over a meal or in the evenings.

• VIP make-up services: a team of professional makeup artists is sent to clients’ homes to pamper and groom female guests with a VIP hair and make-up session.

• On-location spas: a mobile spa (in the form of an RV) parks in front of clients’ homes and provides onboard spa treatments such as massage therapy, facials, manicures, and pedicures. Alternatively, you can request the services in your own home. 

This surfacing “insperience” trend, with consumers wanting to “domesticize” appealing experiences, is not likely to slow down any time soon…so upward and inward folks!


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Sounds True Bakongo, African drumming, bakongo, African music
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Sounds True African Dream, African music, Donna DeLory, Dido Tshibangu, Marcel Adjibi, Abdou Mbaye, African Music, African meditation music
Sounds True African Dream


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Peter Huntoon's Lake View

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Soundings of the Planet Eagle River

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