By Carole Tessier

carole tessier
As you take in the beauty of the lush, blooming lavender fields that dominate the landscape of Southern France, know that its soothing effects go way beyond what the eyes can see. Known to heal and soothe the body and mind, lavender has been a precious commodity for centuries - and for good reason.

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The Wonders of Lavender

The Romans prized it for its healing and antiseptic qualities, and Egyptians were partial to its exotic perfume, while in the Dark Ages it was used to ward off the plague. Today, lavender’s many natural attributes and benefits are put to good use in countless industries.

A versatile essence

Looking for a natural mosquito repellent? Try wearing lavender oil as perfume or adding it to lotions or hair products. Another common use is in potpourris - placed among stored clothing, it can deter moths.

Aromatherapists consider lavender to be the most useful of all essential oils. It calms the nervous system, combats stress, clears the mind, enhances the intuitive process and even seems to encourage happiness in general.

Medicinal benefits

Nicknamed the ultimate “first aid in a bottle”, lavender has helped thousands of injured soldiers sterilize wounds and fight infection during World War I.

Known to alleviate motion sickness, as well as pain and swelling from arthritis, lavender can even be used for respiratory problems (when diffused in water vapour or applied directly to the neck, back and chest). Feeling down in the dumps or a little tense? Try drinking a cup of lavender tea!  It’s great for relieving nervous tension and alleviating mild depression.

Skin care

This wonderful plant has a long history of use in treating skin conditions. Its non-irritating, hypoallergenic qualities make it ideal for direct application. Lavender is antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, perfect for soothing and healing skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis and eczema.

Praised for its ability to stimulate the growth of new skin cells, lavender also helps the skin retain its natural elasticity and prevents aging and wrinkles.

So whether you grow lavender in your garden for its fragrance and beauty, or keep pure lavender essential oil on hand as a disinfectant for medical emergencies, be assured that you’re reaping the benefits of one of nature’s most amazing plants. We have brought this exceptional plant to you in our wonderful lines of lavender-based products:

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