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Our Spa and Wellness Lifestyle Coaches are passionate about sharing their discoveries, tips and learning's for DIY home spa treatments in wellness solutions with the enabling spa products. Select from our spa brands for distinctive remedies in spa gifts, health, home fitness accessories, apparel and more.

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Alicia Kirschenheiter, Lifestyle Management and Fitness Coach

Alicia Kirschenheiter

Alicia Kirschenheiter is an American Council on Exercise Certified Advanced Health & Fitness Expert, Personal Trainer, Fitness Coach & certified Weight & Lifestyle Management consultant. Alicia is also published fitness, health and wellness writer for a variety of venues and author of Oscar and Otis – Fat Fighters, a childrens book about healthy lifestyle choices.  

Barbara Bloom, Wellness Coach

Barbara is a certified Personal and Pilates Trainer with a specialty certification as a Longevity and Wellness Coach. Growing up in New York Barbara had the opportunity to have Martha Graham and Jerome Robbins as her mentors and studied Ballet with the American Ballet Theater, Creative Dance with Barbara Mettler, and Afro Haitian dance with Jean Leon Destine.

Brett Blumenthal, Sheer Balance

Brett Blumenthal is the Founder and CEO of Sheer Balance. Brett has been in the wellness industry for over 15 years. As a Director of Strategy for Gensler, a global design firm, Brett leads business, design and brand strategy for lifestyle clients (spas, wellness centers, hotels, resorts and mixed-use and entertainment).  

Brooks Baldwin, Spa Risk Management & Writer

L. Brooks Baldwin is President of Baldwin & Associates, a dedicated spa risk management consulting practice. As President, Brooks has developed "SpaSafe," a comprehensive internet-based safety and risk management tracking program customized specifically to the full range of spa businesses (day, resort/hotel, destination, medical, etc.).  

Burren Perfumery Ireland, Sadie Chowen

My philosophy for the Perfumery is that I don’t want to sell anything that I wouldn’t like to buy myself. The Perfumery is a very personal business for me and indeed at times I am in danger of being too close to it.  It is difficult not to want to make decisions about even the smallest details of day to day details despite having a team of dedicated, able and loyal staff.


Carole Tessier, Spa Creative Writer

Carole Tessier is a freelance writer specializing in the beauty and spa industry. Carole is a former editor of a leading esthetics/spa magazine and has written on a variety of topics related to mind, body and spirit.  

Cheryl Janecky- Live Stress-Free Good Fortune

Cheryl Janecky

An easy stress-free Good Fortune lifestyle - mastered over 40 years of study and teaching. Good Fortune is a feeling and state of grace where everything you dream is magically attracted to you. Life is FUN and effortless.  You feel like a magnet for everything you desire - and you are. You enjoy and appreciate yourself and others, overlook problems, and expect a good outcome. If you're not enjoying that magic now - the culprit is always stress.  

Colleen Dunn Smith, Lifestyle Spa Coach

Colleen Dunn Smith has devoted herself to self-improvement, lifestyle and enlightenment in both her career and personal life. Born and raised in Southern California, she is a self-proclaimed “seeker” of knowledge and truth. However, her first love has always been to entertain.  

Daniel Aubry, Spa Photographer

Daniel Aubry is a frequent contributor to such magazines as American Spa, Spa , Spa Finder and Spa Asia and is considered one of the foremost photographers in the rapidly expanding field of Spa Photography.

Dennis Croll, Vital Living

Dennis has appeared on a regular basis on TV shows presenting the Vital Living Philosophy. He also is an ACE qualified Personal Trainer and Master NLP Practitioner, who has lived most of his life seizing opportunities and following his dreams despite the odds.  

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