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BKamins, Chemist Ben Kaminsky


Ben Kaminsky, a preeminent dermatological chemist, has been developing medicines for physicians across North America and the globe for more than 30 years. He is the Co-founder of B. KAMINS, CHEMIST, the leading cosmeceutical skincare company catering to the global luxury spa market, and the President and Founder of Odan Laboratories, a privately held Canadian pharmaceutical company that develops, manufacturers and markets innovative specialty and generic health care and drug products. Kaminsky continually develops breakthrough skincare formulas at his Montreal-based laboratories which he founded in 1974. He is also the co-author of Beyond Botox: Seven Strategies For Sexy, Ageless Skin Without Needles Or Surgery.

In 1997, Ben Kaminsky founded B.KAMINS, CHEMIST, with the help of his son, Howard, a lawyer in New York City.  Together, they quickly built B.KAMINS into one of the fastest-growing, premiere skincare companies, designed to bridge the gap between physician’s office treatments and traditional cosmetic counter brands. Through Ben’s innovative approach to clinical formulations, and Howard’s creative marketing savvy, they created breakthrough B. KAMINS, CHEMIST product lines that focus on a range of special skin types, including aging, acne sensitive, hormone-deprived and extra dry.  Today, B.KAMINS, CHEMIST is recognized as a pioneer in the cosmetic treatment of menopause and rosacea, and the products are sold in fine day and resort spas, apothecaries and specialty stores in more than 12 countries. The company is headquartered in Montreal and has offices in New York City.

Prior to starting B.KAMINS, CHEMIST, Kaminsky spent years toiling in his Odan labs after hours to create unique skincare solutions for many of his own family members. Whether it was a sun screen for his fair skinned infant son Howard, or an acne treatment for his teenage daughter before the prom, Kaminsky always came up with gentle yet effective solutions to help his family. But his big breakthrough came when he set out to find a solution for his wife Mildred, who was going through menopause and struggling to find effective treatments for the changing needs of her hormone-deprived skin.  

Interestingly enough, Kaminsky’s “ah-ha” moment came not in the lab, but on his annual winter fishing trip in Northern Quebec. While sitting on the frozen lake, Kaminsky pondered why the hearty maple trees all around him survived the brutal cold weather and then flourished again each spring. Kamisky brought the maple sap back to his lab, and discovered that the serum from the maple trees was especially rich in life-sustaining materials like polysaccharides, anti-oxidants, minerals, natural moisturizers and alpha-hydroxy acids. Additionally, the base was aqueous and non greasy, making it an ideal compound for skincare. Kaminsky purified the maple serum into an all-natural, non-toxic, skin-penetrating additive - and the patent pending Bio-Maple™ compound was born. The Bio-Maple™ also became the basis for the cream that Kaminsky created for his wife. This cream transformed Mildred’s skin and gave her back her radiant complexion.  Too good keep it a family secret, the cream quickly evolved into the famous Menopause Skin Cream that put B. KAMINS CHEMIST on the map.  To this day, it remains a cult favorite, and is still one of the top-selling products in the entire line.

Kaminsky has lectured extensively and is a member of numerous professional societies including L’Ordre des Pharmaciens, the Canadian Pharmaceutical Association, the American and Canadian Societies of Cosmetic Chemists, the International Society of Cosmetic Chemists and the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists. Kaminsky also sponsors university educational seminars and student scholarships, and has helped fund the purchase of specialized laboratory equipment to further academic scientific research. He has recently been honored with Spa Life’s Canadian Ingenuity Award in recognition of outstanding, innovative topical preparations.

Kaminsky is a graduate of the Faculté de Pharmacie de l’Université de Montréal. He is an accomplished oil painter and takes great pleasure in caring for his award-winning gardens at his and Mildred’s Montreal home.

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