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The Brands of mySpaShop products share their pervasive Home Spa Treatments to improve your lifestyle and well being. We have assembled distinctive global Brands in Wellness Solutions to share with you their knowledge and experiences in producing enabling Home Spa Products. It's our way of enriching your life with these coaches! Shop our online Spa Products Catalog

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· Featured Spa Products Brands

Ajne Organic Perfume Apothecary, Jane Hendler,

Jane Hendley, Ajne

Jane began her love affair with pure and precious ingredients as a child near Chicago sniffing aromatic lilacs on warm summer evenings. Jane loved organic ingredients like lavender and cedar. Yet, she dreamed of creating formulas from far more powerful and precious organic ingredients that would produce transformative effects.

View Ajne Products


Alaska Glacial Mud, Lauren Padawer

Drawing on her management skills and biology background, Lauren launched Alaska Glacial Mud Co. in 2006 to bring the luxurious mud to a growing spa market focused on natural and organic products.

View Alaska Glacial Mud Products


Alchimie Forever, Swiss Skin Care, Ada Polla

Ada Polla Alchimie Forever

Ada Polla, who was recently featured on the cover of Business Week Small Biz, is the co-creator of the Swiss antioxidant skin care line Alchimie Forever. Ada has professional experience in consulting and product management in the medical device industry.

Alchimie Forever Products


ále by Alessandra, Fashion Icon, Brazil-Bohemia Meets Malibu-Chic, Boho Accessories

Alessandra Ambrosio, Ale by Alessandra

ále by Alessandra is inspired by international fashion icon Alessandra Ambrosio, ále by Alessandra brings a “Brazil-Bohemia Meets Malibu-Chic”, feminine, colorful and effortless lifestyle brand to savvy, fashion-minded women around the world.

ále by Alessandra products


Aromatherapy, Judith Jackson

Judith Jackson is a health and beauty advisor, author, lecturer, spa developer, certified Aromatherapist and licensed massage therapist. The founder of Judith Jackson Aromatherapy and the new Alchemy and Garden of Well-Being, Ms. Jackson is recognized as a leader in the field of natural methods of healing and products for self-care and professional treatment.

View Judith Jackson Products


Balance Walking Poles,Nordic Fitness Sticks, Foot Solutions, Ray Margiano

Balance Walking Poles

Ray Margiano PhD, Pedorthist, Writer, Speaker, Entrepreneur and Founder and CEO of Foot Solutions, Inc, the largest retail pedorthic group in the world; focusing on Health & Wellness and proper support for the feet. Vision is the see people of all ages establish lifestyle changes based on the phenomenon known as "Balance Walking" where with a commitment of just 15 minutes every day to the 4 Pillars of Balance Waking will change their lives, leading to a more active, younger you!

Balance Walking Poles

Beauty Foods Nightly Beauty Drink, Delicious Sleep & Gorgeous Skin, Jacque Gibson

Oxygen Pur, Anti-Aging, Skin Care Serums

Who knew beauty could taste so good? Introducing the first beauty drink created to give you delicious sleep and gorgeous skin.  Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the best things you can do for your skin—and your soul. Beauty Foods Nightly Beauty is a Calming Blend that puts your mind at ease

Beauty Foods, Nightly Beauty Drinks

Bellabaci -Cupping Therapy, Keren Trabelsi

 bellabaci founder Keren trabelsi


Keren Trabelsi is the originator of the Bellabaci Body and Facial Massage Systems and CEO of Bellabaci International, a South African company located in Cape Town.  Bellabaci’s unique Body Massage System is fast proving to be the most effective, logical, natural and affordable at home remedy in getting rid of cellulite.

BKamins, Chemist Ben Kaminsky

BKamins - Ben Kaminsky

Ben Kaminsky, a preeminent dermatological chemist, has been developing medicines for physicians across the globe for more than 30 years. He is Co-founder of B. KAMINS, CHEMIST, the leading cosmeceutical skincare company catering to the global luxury spa market, the President and Founder of Odan Laboratories, a privately held Canadian pharmaceutical company that develops, manufacturers, markets innovative drug products.

View B. Kamins Products


BloqUV Sun Protective Apparel, UV Sun Protection Clothing, UV Active Wear

About us BloqUV is based out of Miami, Florida and is a leader in sun protective apparel. BloqUVapparel was designed to fit the lifestyles for people who live active outdoor lifestyles.

View BloqUV Products


Brave Soldier Athletic Skin Care, Dr. Ezra Kest,

Brave Soldier Skin Care

Brave Soldier began with a simple idea: The need for a product that would speed the healing and jagged scarring of road rash. Road rash. It's as ugly as it sounds. Joined by his mountain-biking buddy Jeffrey Neal, Dr. Ezra Kest, an avid adventure-athlete when he's not running his successful Southern California dermatology clinic, embarked on this mission: To utilize his knowledge of how our skin heals itself to create a unique formula to help heal wounds faster, with less pain, and reduced keloid scarring. Brave Soldier Skin Care Products


Chocolates, Healthy Dark Chocolates, Lisa Reinhardt of Wei

Lisa Reinhardt, wei of chocolate

Savor the space between two thoughts. That's the underlying intent behind Wei of Chocolate. CEO & chocolatier Lisa Reinhardt came to chocolate via a roundabout route that took her from small-town American roots to Paris to remote areas of Asia.

View Wei of Chocolate Products



"When I'm running low, I hop on a plane or into a car and change environments. It's all about being open and emptying your mind's back door to leave room for new thoughts to come in the front." ~ Clodagh

View Clodagh's Collection


Cord Coen, Zents

Cord Coen believes that scent should be more than just pretty perfume – that it can and should affect one on a deeper level.  For him, the true art of perfumery lies in the combination of healing aromatherapy with intricate, pure scents of sophisticated European design.

View Zents Products


Cris Notti, Cris Notti Company

Cris Notti Sleep Masks

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Cris Notti has been designing since childhood.  With a degree from Otis Art Institute and Parson School of Design she launched her fashion business with a retail store in Beverly Hills and a national wholesale business.  She retired from fashion in the early 1990’s.

View Cris Notti Products


Danforth Pewter - Fred and Judi Danforth,

Danforth Pewter Gifts

Fred Danforth was aware that his ancestors were famous pewterers, but he was planning on becoming a woodworker until he met Judi. Judi fell in love with pewter when she was studying art, and her enthusiasm was contagious. They founded Danforth Pewter in 1975 in an old barn in Woodstock, Vermont.

Danforth Pewter Gifts


Draper Therapies, Kristin Draper, Kat Wojtylak

With a keen knowledge of fabrics, Kristin Draper, understands what it means to keep looking toward the future, as her role of President of the Draper Knitting Company presides over a 150+ year old family owned and operated company. Back in 2003, Kristin discovered the wonders of Celliant™/Holofiber®, a specially formulated fiber that is now put into the Draper Body Therapy™ products to help with muscle recovery and relief from soreness and stiffness.

Draper Therapies Body Therapy Products


Escali Digital Scales, Health Monitoring for Kitchen, Fitness and Nutrition

Escali Digital Scales, Health Monitoring, Nutrition, Kitchen

Escali Scales are known for their tremendous value, user-friendly designs, and precision accuracy. Escali Scales are used for Nutrition, Wellness, Kitchen Measurements and Home Fitness Weight Loss. Track your progress today, reach your goals tomorrow!   

Escali Digital Scales, Health Monitoring, Nutrition, Kitchen


Essence of Vali Aromatherapy, Valerie Bennis

The Essence of Vali line grew out of my private consultations with individual clients. We use no synthetics or preservatives in our formulas. Every ingredient comes from a plant!  We are known for creating products that really work, smell great and appeal to men and women of all ages.

View Essence of Vali Products


Farmaesthetics, Brenda Brock

Brenda Brock, Farmaesthetics’ Founder, Formulator and CEO is the daughter of a 7th generation farming family from Texas, with roots steeped in herbal traditions.

View Farmaesthetics Products


Feng Shui Advisor Judith Wendell of Sacred Currents

Judith Wendell, Feng Shui

Since 1996, Judith Wendell, New York Feng Shui consultant and interior designer, has been explaining to her clients how their environments affect their life situations and then helping to improve them. 

Explore Judith's Feng Shui Consultation offer.


FitterFirst, Louis Stack

Louis Stack is a third-generation Calgarian and the founder of Fitter International Inc. Louis earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Western Ontario, graduating in 1982. He began the company in his basement in 1985 with a $3,000 loan. Fitter has since become a world leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of simple but highly functional balance and stability training products. View FitterFirst Home Fitness Products

Good For You Girls, Organic Skin Care for Teens, Kim Grustas

good for you girls, organic skin care for teens

As a veteran of the natural products industry I was very aware of the controversy of chemical based skin care. Both my daughters had severe asthma and sensitive skin issues as babies so we never had any options to use anything but the cleanest and safest products. View Good For You Girls Products


Hampton Sun, Brand and Founder Bio

Hampton Sun, Salvatore

Salvatore Piazzolla, a Southampton, New York Native had a vision. He wanted push the envelope for sun care and create a brand that would be unique and luxurious to bring the glamour back into sun bathing. Along with his partner, Grant Wilfley, he did just that.

Hampton Sun


Hommage Men's Grooming, Wolfgang Joensson

Hommage Grooming for Men

Woflgang Joensson is the leading designer and co-founder for the Paris, France based Hommage. When he started Hommage, there were no grooming products or services that catered to the contemporary lifestyle of the discerning man. By lifestyle, "I mean everything from business travel, to gym regimens, to leisure. We believe strongly that men, especially ones with discerning tastes, gravitate towards products with good design, appealing packaging, and functionality that fit their lifestyle."

HOMMAGE Men's Grooming Products


Huntoon, Peter-Vermont Water Colors Artist

Watercolor Artist Peter Huntoon has been painting professionally since 1994. A life long passion for art and his native state of Vermont are evident in his work. Huntoon has studied with many contemporary watercolor masters, including Frank Webb, Zoltan Szabo, Cheng Kee Chee, and Steven Quiller. Peter is also the Color Group Manager for Sto Corp., a world leader in architectural coatings.

View Peter Huntoon's Products


Intelligent Skin Sense, Marlene Katz

Twenty five years ago, Marlene Katz pioneered and launched the day spa concept in New York City. People from all walks of life enjoyed the array of services including a celebrity clientele. After nine years, Marlene sold her business, and continued her career with a leading laboratory.

View Intelligent Skin Sense Products


Jade Yoga, Dean Jerrehian

Jade Yoga's development of the first green yoga mat might be described as an accident - as the goal was to develop the best functioning yoga mat available. Because natural rubber performs so much better than synthetic rubber (PVC, PER, TPE, EVA), those synthetic rubbers were never really an option. However, as a vegetarian and former lawyer for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency where I enforced environmental laws, I have tried to steer the company in a green direction.

Jade Yoga Products


JAMU Spa, Organic and Natural Body Care Products, Kim Collier

Kim Collier, founder of JAMU Spa and Massage Therapist, Esthetician, & Holistic Health Practitioner (completed 2010), has mindfully built a company with a mission to preserve indigenous customs and carry on the wellness and inspiration of SE Asia.JAMU Asian Spa Rituals is the essence of ten years of hands-on spa consultation, along with extensive research, study and documentation with the people, healers and history of region.

View JAMU Products


June Jacobs Spa Collection, June Jacobs

June Jacobs Spa Collection

June Jacobs, a world renowned spa visionary for over thirty years, has redefined luxury spa. As the creator of three global skin care lines, and with a continued commitment to innovation and quality, June set out to change the landscape of skin care within the spa market through the creation of the June Jacobs Spa Collection.

June Jacobs Spa Collection Products

Kashwere Robes & Clothing, Peter Seltzer

Kashwere Clothing

Kashwere LLC's robes were featured as one of Oprah's Favorite Things. The moment you slip into a Kashwere robe you will feel the unforgettable warmth and softness that has so many Kashwere clients smiling. The Kashwere robe is luxuriously soft with the feel of a fluffy cloud. The Julep Childrens and Pet Lines are just as comforting.

Kashwere Robes, Apparel


Kerstin Florian, Swedish Skin Care

Kerstin Florian, Skin Care Products

Kerstin’s products are a sophisticated blend of Swedish simplicity, Historical European Spa Tradition and age-old Oriental philosophy. This blending has resulted in an ideal regimen for today’s active women and men looking for a natural, simplistic and yet, extremely effective approach to health and skin care.

Kerstin Florian, Swedish Skin Care Products

La Bella Donna, Kathy and Nicole Tracy

La Bella Donna Cosmetics co-founder Kathy Tracy, who runs the company's Los Angeles office, is a walking testimonial for her products. Nicole Tracy doesn't have to worry about acne any more. Although the co-founder of La Bella Donna Cosmetics currently spends more time behind a desk running a national cosmetics company than in front of a camera, she and her mother, Kathy, remain La Bella Donna's best advertisements.

View La Bella Donna Products


Leonor Greyl Paris Hair Care

LEONOR GREYL is a brand, a range of hair care products, an Institute, a family business, where everyone is passionate about hair beauty. In 1968, after meeting her future husband Jean-Marie Greyl who has an extraordinary knowledge of botanicals, the pair created the LEONOR GREYL brand.

View Leonor Greyl Products


LifeBotanicals, Petronely Grindea

life botanica supplements, petronely grindea

Petronely Grindea is the founder of LifeBotanica. She is an acknowledged leader in the SPA and Wellness Industry. For over 20 years she has worked in Corporate Business, with specialization in training, marketing, Spa business development and sales at industry giants Elizabeth Arden & Estee Lauder.

LifeBotanica Supplements


Little River Hotglass Studio, Blown Glass Vermont, Michael Trimpol

Born in Philadelphia, PA, Michael Trimpol was first introduced to glass working during a high school stained glass course in Stowe VT.He pursued a career in stained glass while attending Concordia University in Montreal designing and creating many residential commissions as well as several public installations. Frustrated  with the limitations of the two dimensional process, he enrolled at Sheridan College School of Craft & Design in Mississauga Ontario to learn the art of glassblowing.

View Little River Hotglass


Lotus Wei, Katie Hess

Katie Hess, Lotus Wei

Lotus Wei Founder and Formulator, Katie Hess, has spent a lifetime cultivating her expertise as an organic alchemist and sourcing flower essences from all over the world. Gaining profound experience from one-on-one flower essence therapy, she now infuses them into Flower Elixirs, Energy Mists, & Body Oils to awaken inner and outer beauty.

Lotus Wei Body Oils


Luxury Therapeutics, Hot Cold Therapy Packs

Luxury Therapeutics

Luxury Therapeutics, a woman owned manufacturer of hot/ cold therapy bags in Western North Carolina, is the creation of co-founder Debra Green and her mother, Karen Kneeland

Luxury Therapeutics Products


Madison Collection, Charmaine T. Lang

"We recognize what the luxury and boutique hotel and spa industry wants - and needs -something distinctive and timeless," says Charmaine T. Lang, vice president of The Madison Collection. "Our products make a statement to consumers. They are classical, elegant and savvy, and they finish off a room beautifully."

View The Madison Collection Products


Menaji Men's Skincare, Michele Probst

Menaji Skincare

Michele Probst, creator of Menaji Skincare, is an internationally renowned celebrity makeup artist with a specialty in men’s grooming. During her 20 years in the beauty industry, Michele has gained a reputation for helping her clients look their best without looking made-up. As a result, she has amassed a clientele of notable men, including Barack Obama, Tom Brokaw, Kid Rock, Enrique Iglesias and Jay Leno.

Menaji Men's Skincare Products

Monica Mauro Jewelry, Modern Designs, Druzy Jewelry

Monica Mauro Jewelry Designer

Monica Mauro has always had a love of nature and for natural stones. Her inspiration truly comes from the outdoors. As an experienced traveler, she has enjoyed learning about and integrating different types of resources from around the world into her work. She uses many different natural resources in her designs including semi-precious gemstones and leather. Her current collection showcases her use of Druzy agate which is a crystallized form of the Agate Stone

Monica Maura Jewelry


Nantucket Natural Massage Oils, John Harding

Set off  Nantucket's rough cobblestone Main Street, Nantucket Natural Oils has the feel of a store that is part apothecary, part bath section of Victoria's Secret. Harding specializes in replicating name-brand fragrances without the alcohol or additives and at a fraction of the price.

Nantucket Natural Massage Oils


Nayer Kazemi Water Art

Nayer studied fine arts in Persia at Tehran University as well as California State University, Los Angeles, and the Art Center College of Design, Pasadena. She had pursued art as her passion since childhood and has been recognized in many fine arts competitions and exhibits in selected galleries.

View Nayer Kazemi Water Art Products


Nefeli Herbal Chinese Medicine, Dr. Ping Zhang

Dr. Ping Zhang, Ph.D. in Oriental Medicine, is the founder and president of Nefeli Corp. She is the creator of Nefeli  100% natural skin/body care and herbal supplement collection. Dr. Ping Zhang is an internationally renowned pioneer, researcher and practitioner in the field of anti-aging Traditional Chinese Medicine.Nefeli Herbal Skin Care, Natural Chinese Medicine


Physician Endorsed, Elissa Margulies,


After researching the sun protection industry and learning which fabrics and colors function best, Margulies co-founded Physician Endorsed with husband Michael Ross in 2002. Margulies is the creative force behind the dynamic line of hats, sunglasses and accessories designed for both style and skin care.

Physician Endorsed Products


Plank Yoga Accessories, Dorren Hing

Plank founder and creative director Doreen Hing lives by the “3F Formula”: she loves Fashion, Food and Fitness. When yoga became the “It Workout” five years ago, Hing gave it a try. She wanted to prove that yoga can be fun, intelligent, and achievable for real people with busy lifestyles. Hing was also bored with her default blue mat, and saw “a sea of open canvasses and an opportunity to develop ‘art on a yoga mat’” and thus, Plank was born.

Plank Yoga Products


Power Systems, Home Gym Fitness Accessories, Bruno Pauletto

Founded by Bruno and Julie Pauletto in 1986, Power Systems is recognized throughout the sports and fitness industries for its complete selection, superior customer care and delivery. Power Systems is firmly committed to quality, innovation and service by utilizing a knowledgeable, professional and dedicated team of employees.

Power Systems, Home Gym Fitness Products


Razor MD, Scott Stuart

Razor MD, Scott Stuart

Scott Stuart is a firm believer in the barbershop shave. He launched men's grooming company Razor MD to bring the old-fashioned trade home. The South Florida based company designs custom razors, shave sets and grooming products for men.

Razor MD Products


Relax and Wax, Deborah Merhar

Deborah Merhar has been a licensed esthetician and waxing educator in the spa industry for over 15 years. She owns Ivy Day Spa in Reno and developed the Relax and Wax line of depilatory products because she believes that waxing shouldn’t be a painful process.

Relax and Wax Products


Shaune Bazner Hair Accessories, Shaune Bazner

Shaune Bazner is one of America’s leading fashion jewelry artists and innovators. She has been creating timeless jewelry and accessory designs that appeal to all styles, from the Los Angeles trendy to the DC conservative and the New York City chic.

View Shaune Bazner Products


Skin 2 Skin, Ken Simpson, Founder, CEO & President

Ken Simpson, Skin 2 Skin

Ken Simpson is excited about Skin 2 Skin Care; his life’s work developing an extensive skin care line loaded with the highest anti-aging components known to cosmetic science, certified organic botanicals and natural ingredients that allow you to turn back the clock with your appearance.  It’s so good Ken Simpson is even willing to put his own signature on the label.

View Skin 2 Skin Products


SolReya, Spa Wrap Towel, Hair Care

SolReya, Spa Wrap Towel

Our full coverage Spa Wrap eliminates “spa hair” creating a luxurious way to save the hair from greasy oils, lotions and tangles often a result of a relaxing massage, facial or other spa and skin treatments. So from there, we crafted a hygienic, lightweight high-end Spa Wrap to be used by the finest spas in the world yet provide everyday indulgence whenever needed. Place it next to your towel. Ideal for use when out of the shower, applying makeup or simply keeping the hair back. It easily replaces heavy and awkward towels and will stay perfectly in place. Order

SolReya, Spa Wrap Towel, Hair Care

Somme Institute Skin Care, Simon Eranii

Simon Erani is the Founder and CEO of Somme Institute.  In this role, Mr. Erani is charged with overseeing the vision and direction of the company.  Under his leadership, Somme Institute was founded in 1996 as a research company dedicated to understanding the science of skin care.

View Somme Institute Products


Soundings of the Planet, Dean Evenson

Dean Evenson is one of the true visionaries of the Ambient/New Age musical genre--a prolific musician and composer, an entrepreneur, media pioneer and the co-founder of Billboard-charting independent music label, Soundings of the Planet.

View Soundings of the Planet Products


Soundings of the Planet, Dudley Evenson

Dudley Evenson co-founded Soundings of the Planet in 1979 with her husband Dean. Together, they have produced over 35 albums and she has been the art director and copy writer for all of the Soundings releases.

Sounds True Spa Music, Tami Simon

tami simon

Tami Simon is founder of Sounds True, a Colorado-based multimedia publishing company dedicated to inspiring, supporting, and serving continuous spiritual awakening and its expression in the world.

View Sounds True Products

South Seas Skin Care, Spray Tanning, Julie Nostrand

Julie Nostrand, Founder and Managing Member of South Seas Skin Care, LLC, graduated from Colorado State University in 1994. She was successful as a marketing manager for an International firm for eight (8) years. In 1997, she was diagnosed with skin cancer. After successful treatment, she embarked on a venture that would change her life dramatically.

View South Seas Products


Spa Technologies Natural Skin Care, Dan Fryda,

Dan Fryda, President of Spa Technologies International, has been a leader in the skincare industry for 25 years. His strong academic background in thalassotherapy, hydrotherapy and Chinese healing arts has led Dan to pioneer advanced treatments and products that are comprised of a bio-complex of ocean nutrients.

Spa Technologies Natural Skin Care Products


SpaRitual Vegan Skin Care, Shel Pink

Shel, who grew up in a household where eco-consciousness was a way of life also studied art, fashion and photography and dreamed of a way to marry the elements of art and environmental awareness together.

View SpaRitual Products


Sprayology, Ellie Whalen

Ellie Whalen believed that at the core, she was healthy, but she was taking multiple conventional medicines daily to deal with asthma, allergies, fatigue and stress. She realized that she was still not experiencing the health she was seeking. Ellie chose homeopathy as her daily option to become healthier because it is effective, safe, has no side effects and can be taken with other medicines. Sprayology Natural Oral Spray Mists Products


Stephanie Johnson Cosmetic Bags, Makeup Bags, Travel Handbags

Stephanie Johnson launched her line of namesake travel accessories in 2000 after countless trips abroad and weeks spent packing and unpacking suitcases. Unruly belongings have no place in Johnson’s stylish Type A universe. Her thirst for organization, compounded by insatiable wanderlust, has made her a master consumer of packing order.

Stephanie Johnson's Makeup Bags, Travel Handbags


Tara Spa Therapy, Tara Donna Grodjesk

Tara Donna Grodjesk, president and owner of Tara Spa Therapy, Inc., has devoted her 27 years of experience in wellness to refining bodywork techniques, creating innovative body treatments and offering a careful selection of high quality natural products for health and the spa market today. Since 1989, Tara has been designing programs for world-class hotels, resorts and day spas as well as providing high-quality, detailed training for their therapists.

View Tara Spa Therapy Products


Teava Skincare, Miriam Kleinman

Miriam Kleinman, PhD (Dr. Mim), founder and inventor of Teava Skincare, is a beauty scientist who has spent years studying how our bodies work at the molecular level and how our surrounding environment affects us. Formally trained as a toxicologist, Dr. Mim has a special understanding of how chemicals truly interact with our bodies. She found it concerning that most of today’s skincare products known to be the “most effective” used chemical active ingredients that were often very harsh to the skin and ultimately the body.." [more]

The Plan, Lyn Gentet Recitas, Weight Loss & Wellness

Lyn-Genet Recitas is the New York Times bestselling author of The Plan, a groundbreaking anti-inflammatory nutritional protocol. Her work has been featured on Dr Oz, Huffington Post and Fox News. She has been a holistic nutritionist for over 30 years studying nutritional therapy, holistic medicine, herbology, homeopathy, yoga and shiatsu.  The Plan -Eliminate the Suprising "Healthy" Foods That are Holding You Back!


TM1985, American-made Bags, Wallets & Accessories, Men's Gifts, Tielor McBride

Sprayology, Spray Vitamins

Craftsmanship runs in the family of TM1985 founder Tielor McBride. McBride's maternal great-great-grandfather Christen Hansen immigrated to the States from Denmark, running a horse tack and boot shop in 1920s.Eighty years later, McBride, born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, took his Midwestern roots to New York. He worked as a window designer at Polo Ralph Lauren, in charge of global directives.. Read more...

VitaMan Men's Skin Care, Glenn Kiddell, Clare Matthews

VitaMan Founders

It was back in 1997, after returning from a global research trip that the realization of the massive gap in the male skin care market became obviously apparent. No male exclusive skincare brands were available to cater for the individual grooming needs of men. "

VitaMan Men Skin Care Grooming Products


Weber, Rick Author of Faith

Rick Weber, Author Pink Lips and Finger Tips

Rick's new book, Pink Lips and Fingertips, is a story about radical faith—the true story of a woman born with a rare heart defect and not expected to live. Instead of retreating inward or embarking on extravagant global adventures, she reached out and changed the world—one kind act at a time. This book shows how you can live a dynamic, vibrant, impactful life through any suffering you might be experiencing.

View Pink Lips and Fingertips


White Lion Tea, Kathryn Petty

Kathryn Petty conceived of the Sir Aubrey brand in 1998, and within six months had product in over 150 retail outlets. She has assembled a management team that is the envy of the industry. Kathryn is a member of several tea organizations along with woman's organizations where she won awards.

View White Lion Tea Products


Woodstock Wind Chimes, Garry Kvistad

Woodstock Wind Chimes Garry Kvistad

Woodstock Wind Chimes are the original, musically-tuned, high-quality windchimes known worldwide for their superior sound. When listening to a Woodstock Chime, you hear a fine musical instrument played by the wind, perfectly hand-tuned using the ancient system of just intonation based on natural harmonics.

Woodstock Wind Chimes


Wrap Up by VP, Luxury Robes, Valerie Perez

Wrap Up by VP, Luxury Robes, Lounge Wear

The owner and designer Valerie Perez is committed to make a person feel and look beautiful and confident.  Her inspirations come from her personal experiences that have shaped who she is today.
The Wrap Up Collection is fun, comfortable and will make you feel  priceless.  Valerie is proud that her line is offered as guest lounge wear at Harrah’s Hotels, The Palms, Wynn, The Venetian, La Quinta Resorts,  and Montage (among others).  The fabric  is highly absorbent microfiber, extremely lightweight, these items travel well, the material is of highest quality and is velvety soft to the touch.   Wrap Up by VP, Lounge Wear, Luxury Robes


YogaToes, Frederic Ferri


Frederic Ferri created YogaToes foot exercise devices out of his quest to improve people’s lives. In the 1970’s Ferri divided his time between France and Michigan, studying design and yoga.

YogaToes Products



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