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The Brands of mySpaShop products share their pervasive Home Spa Treatments to improve your lifestyle and well being. We have assembled distinctive global Brands in Wellness Solutions to share with you their knowledge and experiences in producing enabling Home Spa Products. It's our way of enriching your life with these coaches! Shop our online Spa Products Catalog

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Escali Digital Scales, Health Monitoring for Kitchen, Fitness and Nutrition

Escali Digital Scales, Health Monitoring, Nutrition, Kitchen

Escali Scales are known for their tremendous value, user-friendly designs, and precision accuracy. Escali Scales are used for Nutrition, Wellness, Kitchen Measurements and Home Fitness Weight Loss. Track your progress today, reach your goals tomorrow!   

Escali Digital Scales, Health Monitoring, Nutrition, Kitchen


Essence of Vali Aromatherapy, Valerie Bennis

The Essence of Vali line grew out of my private consultations with individual clients. We use no synthetics or preservatives in our formulas. Every ingredient comes from a plant!  We are known for creating products that really work, smell great and appeal to men and women of all ages.

View Essence of Vali Products


Essie Weingarten, essie® Cosmetics

Essie Weingarten, a beauty industry icon and founder of Essie Cosmetics, Ltd., is a savvy businesswoman with a keen eye for color and a flair for names. Essie was fascinated with well-groomed nails from a young age and has turned that passion into a globally successful empire. View essie Cosmetics Products

Farmaesthetics, Brenda Brock

Brenda Brock, Farmaesthetics’ Founder, Formulator and CEO is the daughter of a 7th generation farming family from Texas, with roots steeped in herbal traditions.

View Farmaesthetics Products


Feng Shui Advisor Judith Wendell of Sacred Currents

Judith Wendell, Feng Shui

Since 1996, Judith Wendell, New York Feng Shui consultant and interior designer, has been explaining to her clients how their environments affect their life situations and then helping to improve them. 

Explore Judith's Feng Shui Consultation offer.


FitterFirst, Louis Stack

Louis Stack is a third-generation Calgarian and the founder of Fitter International Inc. Louis earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Western Ontario, graduating in 1982. He began the company in his basement in 1985 with a $3,000 loan. Fitter has since become a world leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of simple but highly functional balance and stability training products. View FitterFirst Home Fitness Products

GoChi Berry Drink, Freelife, Linda Shooting Staar

Linda was born in beautiful New Zealand, in the early 1950’s. After experiencing ongoing critical ill health for many years after being on the IVF program, Linda’s life took a dramatic turn. She searched the globe, looking for a holistic solution to her illness and tried many products during that journey.  None helped her illness, until finally in late 2004, she began to trial a new product revered in the East and recently available in the West -  FreeLife’s Himalayan GoChi Juice.

View GoChi Products


Good For You Girls, Organic Skin Care for Teens, Kim Grustas

good for you girls, organic skin care for teens

As a veteran of the natural products industry I was very aware of the controversy of chemical based skin care. Both my daughters had severe asthma and sensitive skin issues as babies so we never had any options to use anything but the cleanest and safest products. View Good For You Girls Products


Hampton Sun, Brand and Founder Bio

Hampton Sun, Salvatore

Salvatore Piazzolla, a Southampton, New York Native had a vision. He wanted push the envelope for sun care and create a brand that would be unique and luxurious to bring the glamour back into sun bathing. Along with his partner, Grant Wilfley, he did just that.

Hampton Sun


Hommage Men's Grooming, Wolfgang Joensson

Hommage Grooming for Men

Woflgang Joensson is the leading designer and co-founder for the Paris, France based Hommage. When he started Hommage, there were no grooming products or services that catered to the contemporary lifestyle of the discerning man. By lifestyle, "I mean everything from business travel, to gym regimens, to leisure. We believe strongly that men, especially ones with discerning tastes, gravitate towards products with good design, appealing packaging, and functionality that fit their lifestyle."

HOMMAGE Men's Grooming Products


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