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Health in the Real World by Petronely Grindea

Health iin the Real World

In this amazing modern world we are constantly on the go. We hold conference calls via cell phone in traffic and we schedule “express” work outs so we can get from work to the gym and back before the 4:00 meeting with the boss’ boss’ boss. By the time we have finally settle down we have accomplished hundreds of tasks and, unfortunately, been exposed to thousands of environmental toxins.

Meditation for Clarity… by Kristin Shaw

stress and meditation

  In this age of instant gratification and "gotta have it now!" mentality, many of us feel overwhelmed, over-worked, and anxious. Life moves so fast that even stopping to take a deep breath sometimes seems challenging. Our bodies are well equipped to react to stress (think fight or flight response), but a constant, heightened state of alert takes its toll on our mental and physical capabilities.

Overcoming Stress with Music and Sound by Dudley Evenson

anti-stress music

  Stress is a constant factor in our lives at just about every level. How we deal with stress is an indication of how happy and healthy we are. As the month of April is National Stress Awareness Month, it’s a great time to look at how we can mitigate the stresses in our lives no matter how great or small they are.

Stress Reduction and Wellness Additives Through Yoga, Plank Yoga Designs

stress and yoga

  Yoga and Stress. This is a topic that comes up with so many parents juggling careers and full-time households, raising good kids while working 12+ hour days and rarely seeing the outside world other than the dim and din of a computer screen. Discover the intrinsic wholeness we receive from the centering, the breathing, the release of the ego that yoga demands, is without question essential to our well-being.

The New Ingestibles, The Latest Waves of Supplements

herbasway liquid supplements

You'd be hard-pressed to find a spa intake form that doesn't inquire about diet and nutritional supplements. But until recently, many spa brands have shied away from expanding their product lines with supplement formulations of their own.   



Unmasking the Power of the Mind-Body Connection, Kimberley Matheson Shedrick

brave new year


Happiness is a choice, or so it’s said. Why then, does it seem as though we have no control over our moods or our stress levels? We allow outside forces (as well as negative inner forces) to get in the way of peace, and we don’t have to. The first step forward might just be “fake it ‘til you make it”. A number of research studies in the last half-century have shown that smiling can produce actual feelings of happiness - what starts out as a mask can cause bona fide joy.

Body Detoxification by Dr. Arthur Presser

body detox

There are many reasons why body detoxification is important. If you are breathing air of the 20th century, consuming food of the 20th century, gulping down water from the 20th century and either living or working doors, truth is that you’re most likely ingesting and storing toxins in your organ system. Worst yet, you’re storing them faster than your body can get rid of them.

The 3 C's of Fitness Programs by Alicia Kirschenheiter

fitness routine

There are all types of fitness programs built for all types of people. When it comes to deciding a fitness program that you want to begin, barring any medical restrictions, there are a few things I recommend people look for.

Yoga Brings Youth by Kim Matheson-Shedrick, Founder, mySpaShop

Yoga Spa Products, mySpaShop

As a part-time resident of New York City, where yoga studios are abundant and the common mode of transportation is walking, I frequently see people coming from their yoga practice. I can tell this by what they are wearing as well as the yoga mats slung across their backs. However, there’s a third sign that perhaps isn’t as obvious as the others, but it’s unmistakable… that elusive youthful glow.

The Novice Guide to Wellness by Alicia Kirschenheiter

guide to wellness

  The concept of wellness is to be self centered. I realize that sounds like such a bad thing. However, wellness is about being selfish in all the right ways in order to obtain and remain fit, healthy, happy and centered. Only by filling our cups first, can we fill the cups of others. A wise man once told me that, it’s not my saying, I am not that wise, but I think it specifically speaks to the need for wellness. So without further ado…

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