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Beauty (Hair, Nails and Makeup)


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Summer Hair Care from the City to the Beach

leonor greyl, summer hair tips

  Women have become conscious of methods to protect, maintain, treat and generally improve their hair's quality during this specific time of the year. When exposed to the sun your hair texture dries and becomes damaged. Exposure to a dry atmosphere, the sea and chlorine sensitizes the keratin. Hair loses its shine and splits. Your hair is subjected to various aggressions resulting from the combined action of these factors.

Top 10 Waxing Tips from Relax and Wax

waxing tips, no scream cream

  Summer is here and it’s time to start waxing away that unwanted hair. Waxing can be uncomfortable and for some, downright painful! We have some basic waxing tips to make your next waxing appointment go more “smoothly”.

How are you feeling? Warm or cool?

A standard in cosmetology practice, colour analysis, uses the concept that your skin tone may determine which cosmetic colours work best for you.  Whereas this is often useful to know, it by no means indicates that an entire range of color is off-limits to you.

Oh-So-Chic Nails


When it comes to nails, the best look is often the simplest, and the simplest is often the most chic. There’s no need for eye-catching polish to make nails look great. Well-groomed nails with a super high-buffed shine are every bit as chic as nails sporting bold, shimmering lacquer.


Perfect Pout

La Bella Donna Make Up Lips


Achieve the “Perfect Pout” for those luscious Lips using La Bella Donna’s  Baci.Baci Moisturizing Lip Shear!  Give Him what he wants!  (Baci Baci means KISS,KISS in Italian)  

The Eyes Are the Windows of the Soul

la bella donna, mineral make-up

  You owe it to your eyes to make them as expressive and lovely as possible, emphasizing their positive aspects- long lashes, a graceful shape extraordinary colour or placement. – Here’s how using La Bella Donna colour, liner and mascara.

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