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No 9 Bask Love Potions - How it Stimulates Sexual Attraction


Bask No 9 Sexual Fragrances, Love PotionsBaskworld Technologies and its revolutionary product N o 9 BASK are able to exist today due to quantum leaps within scientific technology. N o 9 Bask was specifically custom designed by our team of world leading scientists to be the most aggressive and pure sexual attractant that has ever been made. A real life modern day Love Potion and an elite fashion accessory. At a staggering 98.8% minimum purity level N o 9 BASK pheromones not only attract the opposite sex within seconds but they are fun and safe to use every day!  Baskworld Technologies believes strongly in bringing people together intimately especially during these modern times.

Seduce * Enchant * Entice * Desire * Trust * Lust * Love * Attract *Anyone * are our key and model descriptions on the effects N o 9 BASK offers. Giving people the gift to seduce and entice others is a desired privilege wanted by us all. It’s pure human nature. N o 9 BASK has no oils, no additives and no fillers. You simply spray some on as you would when applying perfume or cologne and they go to work in seconds as Mother Nature intended.  Once dry (10 seconds) please feel free to use any of your favorite perfumes or colognes as N o 9 BASK will enhance the wearer’s fragrance dramatically while infusing it with pure pheromones.  An almost inescapable scenario for any man or woman in a social or intimate setting.

N o 9 BASK products are being used all over the world and the results from our many customers have been nothing short of miraculous! Baskworld Technologies produce the finest and most pure elite grade quality pheromones that scientific technology can yield. As biotechnology continues to advance Baskworld Technologies will forever be a world leader.  N o 9 BASK is fun and safe to use every day!   


Copulins Defined:

Copulins are the inner scent of a pure, young and naturally beautiful sexual woman just seconds before she has intercourse. Once this particular fluid or Copulin becomes air born it becomes a very strong and aggressive pheromone stimulating the brain in the deepest sexual region making any man or any woman sexually excited within seconds. Copulins have been known to increase a man’s testosterone levels by 150% they dramatically affect the males dominate/ submissive behavior.

Copulins can become pleasurably addictive due to their erotic and enticing odor and have been known to erase a man or woman’s memory temporarily leaving their mind open to thought suggestion such as gifts, travel or sex. 

Copulins are the Scent of all Scents. The most aggressive of pheromones and are fun and safe to use every day.

Pheromones Defined:

Pheromones are naturally occurring Chemicals produced in our body that send out subconscious scent signals to the opposite sex. They trigger very powerful and intense sexual responses. The play the most important role in sexual communication.

Daily Hygiene practices allow us to use soaps, perfumes, colognes, oils, lotions and creams. We like to smell good! But in doing so we are removing daily our very own and naturally produced pheromones.

No 9 BASK simply restores your pheromones levels to a maximum and pure exposure allowing you to naturally attract the opposite sex within seconds.

  Bask No 9 Sexual Fragrances, Love Potions



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