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Geraldine Bartlett, NYC Fitness Trainer

It wasn’t until after my fiftieth birthday, that I got certified as a fitness trainer. As a girl I was a tomboy, that's what they called it then, so I have always enjoyed exercise, but it never occurred to me it was something I could do as a business.  

Karen Kitz-Clancy, Actor, Mother, Massage Therapist

It was earlier on a Saturday morning than we usually awaken, but up we were!  When my husband began getting dressed in a bit of a frenzy, I asked why.  “I’m going to work,” he sang, checking the clock.  What do you mean, going to work!  I’M going to work,” I squeaked.  When we looked at our family calendar, the one where we keep ALL family appointments, it was, in fact, true.  Why is that a problem, you ask?    

Kathleen O'Grady, Master Gardener

Can you dig it?  Yes I can! And I do. As an actor I can wind up with, let’s be honest, a little time on my hands. We all know what they say about idle hands, so instead of fretting over things that didn’t go my way, I started digging. It all started at my house where we had two glorious acres of old growth foundation gardens and newly added planting beds. Without my knowing a thing, most of the greenery I put in, hacked back, or even just added compost to, thrived.   

Lotus Wei, Katie Hess

Katie Hess, Lotus Wei

Lotus Wei Founder and Formulator, Katie Hess, has spent a lifetime cultivating her expertise as an organic alchemist and sourcing flower essences from all over the world. Gaining profound experience from one-on-one flower essence therapy, she now infuses them into Flower Elixirs, Energy Mists, & Body Oils to awaken inner and outer beauty.

Lotus Wei Body Oils


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