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Judith Jackson is a health and beauty advisor, author, lecturer, spa developer, certified Aromatherapist and licensed massage therapist. The founder of Judith Jackson Aromatherapy and the new Alchemy and Garden of Well-Being, Ms. Jackson is recognized as a leader in the field of natural methods of healing and products for self-care and professional treatment.
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Judith Jackson Renewal Face Essence

CODE: JJ7006

Price: $34.00


Judith Jackson Wonder Rub

CODE: JJ9010

Price: $16.00


Judith Jackson Scentual Touch

CODE: JJ3001

Price: $23.00


Judith Jackson Magic of Well Being

CODE: JJ3002

Price: $21.00


Judith Jackson Body Essence
Judith Jackson Aromatherapy Body Essence

CODE: JJ9000-JJ9006

Price: $31.50


Judith Jackson Lavender Lift Serum - Professional Size

CODE: JJP-5006

Price: $49.95

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