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The city's namesake, the first President of the United States, envisioned a great urban area arising on the Potomac river that would have the makings of an economic powerhouse. It's been a long haul, but D.C. can now claim its place among the world's great cities attracting the powerful and glamorous.


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Washington, D.C.

Washington today is Rome at year zero: the most important place on Earth, "says David Von Drehle, who spent years as a reporter and editor for the Washington Post. "We're talking money and power. As always this combination attracts the brainy, the bold, the conniving and the glamorous." The nation's capital has been shedding its reputation as a dozing, one-dimensional city of policy wonks and lawyers with the advent of a new generation of artists, tech barons, and a younger set that hungers for edgier fare than a stroll on the Mall. The core of the capital remains what George Washington commissioned, the "federal" area dominated by stately government buildings, later interspersed with monuments and museums. Around it cluster beautiful parks lined with gorgeous Victorian row houses. The spaciousness of the boulevards and low profiles of the buildings give D.C. a similarity with older European skylines. 

Washington now is almost unrecognizable from years ago, it is erupting with new life and energy. Whether it be in historic Georgetown or in city center, you can't swing a briefing paper without hitting a swank club or bistro that has opened with an acclaimed local or international chef. History is powerful stuff here, D.C. abounds with pivotal American moments. Enjoy the learning experience of visiting the many monuments and museums to include: Thomas Jefferson Building, Lincoln Memorial, Smithsonian Museum, Museum of Natural History, National Air and Space Museum, Library of Congress and Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Participate in a frisbee game on the mall to take in the panorama lined with historic buildings. A relaxing alternative is kayaking on the lazy Potomac river through underappreciated national parkland within view of the Washington Monument. Getting around is easy with the Washington Metrorail, which is one of the nation's most clean, safe and comfortable. Another destination is the country estate where George Washington lived and died, Mount Vernon, is set atop a Virginia hill 16 miles south of Washington overlooking the Potomac river.

In all the festivities associated with the Washington, D.C. Fourth of July celebrations, Americans sometimes forget the history surrounding the date. The Fourth of July commemorates the ratification of the Declaration of Independence which serves as this Nation's official certificate of birth. Interestingly, the Declaration was actually ratified on the second of July, not the fourth, 1776.  Washington DC is a spectacular place to celebrate July 4th! Independence Day celebrations in the nation's capital start with a morning parade along Constitution Avenue from 7th to 17th Street, NW Washington, DC. The Parade includes bands, military and specialty units, floats, and VIP's. In the evening, enjoy one of America's largest fireworks displays over the reflecting pool on the National Mall while listening to a Concert of the National Symphony Orchestra. Make your journey healthy and fun with mySpaShop's collection of products!

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