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Vail opened its ski resort on December 15, 1962 with ticket prices of five dollars; one gondola, two chair lifts and nine skin runs.  Now it is the largest ski resort in Northern America, but don’t visit Vail just in the winter; it is absolutely amazing during the summer with more choices of outdoors activities then during the winter.

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Vail Rocky Mountain

Today Vail is a four season paradise set in the colorful Colorado Rocky Mountains.  The mountains provide adventure, wild life, culture, style, and legends; Betty and President Ford amphitheater.

Besides the adventurous winters, Vail is also a summer paradise.    No wonder every local came to Vail for the winter and stayed because of the summer.  

Never underestimate the power of the mountains when hiking the Rockies with any experience of weakness or dizziness, take a long, cool drink of water.   Water will often help to replace that "can't do it" feeling with "can do attitude."  Water is especially needed in high altitude but don’t forget the recommended daily doses of 8 8oz water regardless of altitude.

High Altitude Tip: If you have just arrived from low altitude, take a day or two for your body to adjust before launching into serious exercise. Be aware that peak physical condition, though a great asset for mountain recreation, provides no protection against altitude sickness. Drink plenty of water; decrease salt; avoid alcohol and reduce caffeine. Cut back on fat and eat more carbohydrates.  Rest; your body will quickly acclimate to the thin air.  

Vail offers plenty of wildlife to discover. You can meet fox, bear, deer, elk, coyotes, porcupines, and mountain lions. The scenery and vistas are outstanding on any of the trails, runs and hikes.

Vail life embraces adventure, outdoor beauty and mountain luxury.  It is a true wellness destination that inspires abundance of natural products for the mySpaShop community.


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